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Southwestern University Philippines

Southwestern University Philippines is a prestigious and prominent medical university greatly contributing to the society a school for driven learners and game-changers. Established in 1946, it creates an inclusive and supportive environment that provides vibrant moments exploring excellent opportunities, developing leadership, and demonstrating strong service by strengthening and reinforcing great learning attitudes among all its students. Southwestern University is a jewel among the outstanding medical institutes of Asia ranked top in-country and entire world. The top medical university of the Philippines creating astonishing experiences, with a combination of a flexible curriculum, modern learning, real-time experiences, adopting innovative methods, creating, collaborating, and delivering challenges engrained learning atmosphere for spectacular perspectives to all its students. A great way to start your medical education is experiencing dynamic, designated outcomes to enrich as an excellent medical practitioner of the world. Join to create, observe, practice, learn and explore –changes to your dream careers driven to the best heights that you can achieve.

Official Website: https://www.swu.edu.ph/

About Southwestern University Philippines

Year of Establishment 1946
Acronym SWU
Type of the University Private
Location of the University Cebu, Philippines
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC, WHO, ECFMG, AMC, GMC, FAIMER, WFME
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine, Stomatology. Veterinary medicine, School of Health & Allied Health Sciences, IT & Engg, Business, Law, Government, Education, and Design+ Communication
The population of Indian Students 1500
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 5 years
Intake at August/ November/April


Every department of Southwestern University Philippines is employed with the most inspiring and steadfast Professors, expert surgeons, and motivating expert faculty members holding the highest expertise, doctorates, and professional degrees thriving for the student development and learning perspective. University greatly emphasizes equipping its students with great proficiencies and personality necessary to enrich their dream careers with complete practice-based learning, relevant and high quality indoctrinate process empowering the young minds with the confidence needed for their exceptional future endeavors.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Southwestern University Philippines is an institution that has been admired for long distinguished for its stupendous campus, infrastructure, laboratories, and other facilities. The University campus is itself unique situated in quite a humongous area with a well-built infrastructure including the academic buildings and other classrooms. Southwestern University is very prominent in providing every modern technological aid for students advancement such as 3-D simulators, latest equipment in laboratories, 1:5 ratio cadavers for anatomy labs, 6 affiliated hospitals with 6000 beds capacity, on in campus hospital with 500 beds capacity, innovative teaching methods, vast auditoriums, sports arenas, and dormitories, cafeteria and so erected in lieu for facilitating students significantly.

International Students

Near to 3000 international students shaping their future at Southwestern University Philippines enrolled from over 32 countries around the world. Southwestern University Philippines provides the highest care and compassion towards its International students that are housed studying at the foreign nationals from countries like the USA, SA, Singapore, Maldives, Mauritius, China, Malaysia, UAE, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and so. Every international student accommodated perfectly to relive their student life at Southwestern University passionate to augment their future prospects encircled with unity and commitment.

Indian Students

Nearly 1500 Indian medical students are studying currently at Southwestern University Philippines enlightened with countless activities, innovative learning, gaining knowledge and wisdom to become the best that they can be as future medical practitioners. Southwestern University is the most sought out medical university for Indian medical graduates to study medicine abroad. Yearly hundreds of students enroll to accomplish their fascinated career dreams at this outstanding medical university. Studying MBBS at Southwestern University Philippines is not only a dream comes true it has become the greatest objective that they could achieve for their Medical future.

Indian Food And Accommodation

A total of 4 dormitories are available exclusively for Indian Medical students at Southwestern University Philippines situated in very close proximity to the university. Every dormitory is fully furnished with sharing and individual occupancy rooms, with AC and all other facilities including common reading rooms and canteen facilities. Dormitories are exclusively arranged for the South and North Indian students separately for boys and girls facilitating their home state food and other cultural preferences. Every dorm is secured by 24/7 surveillance and other security strictly adhering to the Indian cultural norms and safety precautions.

Why Southwestern University Philippines

  • The Medical University of the region is prestigious for its unresolved ability in shaping young medical practitioners.
  • World recognized medical Degree providing great opportunities to practice medicine all over the world.
  • NMC, WHO, WFME, ECFMG, FAIMER, AMC, GMC recognized Medical University.
  • Extraordinary Medical education creating a new and dynamic learning experience.
  • Top University greatly accommodating students with exemplary medical knowledge and skills.
  • Modern teaching aids and technically advanced methods scope for the highest improvements.
  • 6 affiliated hospitals with 6000 beds capacity distinguished for an enlightened outlook.
  • Merit Scholarships facility provided for the meritorious and economically needed students.
  • Educational loans facilities are also available for students needing economic support.
  • No Entrance, No Donation, or No Capitation Fee required to admit into Southwestern University.
  • Easy admission process and exclusive support to get through all the procedures.
  • English is the teaching and mode of communication.
  • Authentic North and South Indian Food facility at Southwestern University Philippines campus mess and dorms.
  • High-impact experiences are immersive opportunities positioning Southwestern University Philippines graduates engaging in active and meaningful future achievements.
  • Tropical climatic conditions are similar to Indian Climate easy to adapt to.
  • Very low and affordable Tuition and Hostel fees.

Southwestern University Philippines Fee Structure for 2021

Southwestern University Philippines

Cebu City

Southwestern University Philippines

About Cebu City: Cebu the Queen city of the South, the former capital and most populated, highly urbanized city of the Central Visayas region, Philippines is also the 5th most populated city of the country occupying 922,611 people. Cebu is the prominent center for trade and commerce as well as the higher education hub of the region. Cebu is the second largest metropolitan city after Manila the capital of the Philippines operates more than 80% of the shipping business of the country. Cebu city was founded by the Hindu Prince of the Chola dynasty named Sri Lumay the half Tamil and half Malay prince. Cebu occupies a 315 square kilometers land area divided into 80 barangays. Christianity is the major religion followed at Cebu more than 80% predominantly believes in Roman Catholicism. Being the educational hub of the region Cebu holds 10 large universities successfully educating most the local and international students.

Culture and heritage: Cebu has a great impact on Spanish and Roman Catholic Culture due to the invasion and control under these countries for years prior to their independence. Cebu is the most momentous cultural center of the Philippines celebrating various cultural festivities including the Sinulog festival, Cebe Reggae and so. Cebu and the Philippines are the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This island country is the most popular tourist attraction alongside with most attractive beaches, Cebu also has a significant number of Filipino-Spanish heritage buildings like Fort San Pedro, Basilica del Santo Nino, Magellan’s Cross, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Casa Gordo Museum, Cebu Taoist temple, waterfront Cebu city hotel and so attracts world tourists every year greatly providing an economic advantage to the country.

Transportation: Mactan-Cebu International Airport located in the city is the second-busiest airport in the Philippines serving with most international flights connecting major cities of the world including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Dubai, Taiwan, Russia, South Korea, and India. The domestic and international port occupies 80% of Philippines water vessels and transportation. Domestic transport in the city is majorly by jeepneys, buses, taxis, and tri ‘C’s transporting the majority of the citizens to their daily necessary works. The BRT system of Cebu serves more than 330,000 passengers per day through its 176 buses connecting 33 stations.

Climate: the Philippines the island country consists of a tropical monsoon climate classified under Koppen climate. Cebu city has short summer seasons during the months of March and April all other months contain wet season. Average daily temperatures range from 27oC to 29oC with humid temperatures most similar to southern regions of India. Similar climatic conditions are one of the major attracting factors for medical students to choose the Philippines as the top priority among all the countries offering MBBS education abroad which is very easy to adapt to.

Safety: Cebu city is one of the safest cities of the world ranked 8th safest Southeast cities and 5th safest city of Philippines despite being low economic city crime rate relatively low. No violent crimes on foreign nationals or students have been recorded in the past decade in spite caution is advisable during late-night roaming or wandering at the idle places with low population. Students can safely reside here and study without any fear for their entire course duration.

Communication: Cebuano is the local language that is widely spoken by 82% of locals together with other local languages like Tagalog, Ilocano, Bicol, Hiligaynon and so. But English is a widely speaking language in the Philippines aside from their local language as it is their second language in schools and the language to transcribe. Philippino languages are “unwritten languages” considering this fact they have adopted English as their writing language. Every sign, billboard, or any other form of writing in various Philippino languages is used to write in English letters only. The major advantage for any foreign nationals is that 95% of Filipinos can communicate well in English makes it very comfortable to reside and study for years there.

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