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MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second-largest European country with an area of 603,628 km2 located in Eastern Europe. It is surrounded by Belarus to the north, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west, Romania, Moldova, and the black sea on the south, and Russia on the east and northeast. It is a developing country ranked at 74th on the human developmental index.

About Ukraine

Capital City Kyiv
Total area 603,628 km2
Official languages Ukrainian
Currency Ukrainian Lari
Religions Christianity (majority)
Government Unitary Semi presidential Constitutional republic
President at present Volodymyr Zelensky
Legislature Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council)
Total population 41.5 million
Time variation to India 2 hr 30 mts India is ahead of Ukraine

Ukraine is the 8th most populated country as well the 2nd poorest county of Europe experiencing the highest corruption. City establishment dates back to 32,000 BC had experienced vide variety of dynasties ruling and wars till the country claimed independence from USSR at 24th August 1991 prior to the same it was under the rulership of Kylvan Rus up to 879, Galicia-Volhnia until 1199, Hetanate till 1649, later up to 1918 under Russia, 1919 till under Act of Unity and under USSR till the day of their independence.

Until 20th Century Ukraine is one among the regularly English Speaking country nonetheless after its independence the situation took an abrupt change regarding the communication language where Ukrainian evolved to the major communication language gradually suppressing English in the country.

Ukraine was economically strong during USSR ruling till 1990 later due to extreme slowdown of the economy of the country it has lessened its GDP up to 60% of its original and reduced to its lowest economic level struggling till the date. Still, the most fertile lands of the country provide great advantage being the top producer of food grains. Ukraine produces all major industries producing vehicles including Spacecraft.

Indian Embassy at Ukraine

Indian Embassy is located in Kyiv the capital city of Ukraine at 20-B, Maxima Berlinskogo Street, Near Metro Dorohozhychy. Embassy works from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm on all working days Monday to Friday. One can contact the Embassy for any issues during these hours and also can get more information from https://www.eoiukraine.gov.in/embassy-premise.php or to the given numbers at the site.

Free Education at Ukraine

Free education is a constitutional guarantee to all its citizens still graduate and is compulsory for all. Free education is provided greatly at all the Public institutions which are the major prevailing in Ukraine comparing with the very meager Private institutions. Ukraine produces the highest graduates and postgraduates and is in 4th place in Europe all the students' study with the expense of the state. With the adaptation of the new curriculum during the year 2018, the education of Ukraine was extended to 12yrs from 11yrs which was followed previously. With the 12 yr curriculum, the students are required to start attending the school at 6yrs of age. Schooling is divided into 3 levels:

  • Level I – primary school
  • Level II – secondary base school
  • Level III – secondary last school

Higher education in Ukraine is either public or private where the government can fund the students to help their studies or students bear their expenses. The levels of structure for higher education are junior bachelor, bachelor, master's, doctor of philosophy, and doctor of sciences.

MBBS in Ukraine

Medicine is considered one of the toughest courses to study due to the number of hours required to memorize and understand each and every disease, path physiology; treatment plans (drugs, dosages, and side effects) with prognosis. It is not very easy to be a doctor as even after completing M.B.B.S, there is a lot more to learn as what you learn in M.B.B.S are the basics of the vast subject of medicine.

Studying medicine is an important part of Ukraine's education as it is considered ones of the world’s best curriculums as they have adopted it to meet the standards of the European medication education as the country has joined the common European education system. The country has become one of the best places for studying MBBS in Ukraine with students from over 70 countries flying every year and taking admissions in the medical universities of Ukraine.

The best quality of education is provided to the students along with all the necessary facilities as the universities along with the ministry of health work together for the best possible outcome. Once the students have finished their medical education their degree is eligible for applying to licensure exams for many countries such as the USA, UK, India, Canada, and many more.

Medicine For Indian Students

With the population of India compared to the number of medical seats available at present, the completion for getting admission into a medical college in India is a humongous task and not everyone can afford to get a private seat if they cannot get admission through the entrance exam (NEET). It is not right to ask someone to change their passion just because they couldn’t get admission or they cannot afford so here we get a solution for all those who are searching for alternatives, we have the best one Where you don’t have to spend tons of money but still can fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor.

Studying M.B.B.S / M.D depending on the course chosen or the course offered by the university in Ukraine can help people achieve their goals at affordable costs without compromising the quality of education.

Glimpse on Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Course Name MBBS and MD
Total Duration of the Course 5 + 1 yr Internship
Intake March and September
Eligibility requirement 10+ 2 (With 50% PCB in + 2)
NEET requirement Qualification required
Any entrance requirement NO
IELTS / TOEFL requirement NO
Medium of Instruction English
Recognition of Medical Course NMC, WHO, UNESCO, WDOMS, WFME, FAIMER and so
Total course fee 2.5 lakhs —  6 lakhs per year depending on the University or College chosen
Cost of living Rs. 11 to 16 thousand / month
Hostel availability Available at affordable fee Rs. 13,000 to 16,000 per month

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine?

  1. AFFORDABILITY: one of the major reasons students going to abroad for medical education is because they cannot afford the private seats in India. MBBS in Ukraine is very affordable with fees between 1 – 1.5 lakhs (approx) for a semester depending on the university.
  2. QUALITY OF EDUCATION: we cannot just compromise the quality of education just because we can afford it or it is cheaper. There is no value if the education is not up to the standards it will just be a waste of money and time. Ukraine's government has adopted the European standard in terms of medical education making MBBS in Ukraine one of the best.
  3. LANGUAGE: as the majority of the teaching is done in English there will not be any problem during the lectures.
  4. ACCOMMODATION: if the accommodation is not affordable then it causes an increased burden on the student and the family to meet the monthly expenses. That’s not the case in Ukraine as they have very budget-friendly accommodations available.
  5. UNIVERSITIES RECOGNITION: most of the universities of Ukraine are recognized by the MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and many other countries making it easier for students to select the colleges.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

  • Best quality medical education
  • Universities with all the necessary equipment and facilities
  • No need to learn a new language as the teaching is done in English.
  • Affordable fees and accommodation.
  • Opens gates for specializations in other countries such as the USA, UK, India, and many more
  • No entrance Examination
  • No capitation fee
  • World recognized Medical Degree
  • English Medium of teaching
  • World’s top public medical universities having decades of expertise
  • High-quality European standards of Education
  • Merit scholarships for extraordinary students
  • Educational loan facilities
  • Affordable Fee structure
  • Indian food availability
  • Low cost of living and Hostel facility in all medical colleges
  • Work and study options in European countries
  • NMC, WHO, UNESCO recognized medical universities
  • Great learning opportunities with practical and research-oriented methods
  • Well equipped, latest advanced technology operated laboratories and teaching aids
  • Best accommodation facilities with a safe and secure environment
  • Tasty and authentic Indian food availability in Hostels as well as in university canteens
  • Simple admission and enrolment procedures
  • Hassle-free visa procedures and best international transport facilities with reasonable prices
  • Can avail up to 50% discount on transportation for all international students

Eligibility to Study MBBS in Ukraine

  • Age: Students must be at least 17yrs of age for applying to study MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Grades: the student should have passed their 12th board (state or central) with a minimum grade of above 50%
  • NEET: student must have passed their NEET exam according to the rules of the Indian government of higher education for applying to study medicine abroad.
  • A valid passport and visa

Essential Documents for Admission of MBBS in Ukraine

  • Passport with a minimum of 2yrs validity
  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • NEET score
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank statement of parents/guardian
  • Admission letter from the university
  • White background photographs
  • Police clearance
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Medical clearance
  • Affidavit from parents in case of minors

Medium of Teaching

Teaching is done in English to make it easier for foreign students studying in their country.

NMC And WHO Recognized Universities/Colleges

Fee Structure of MBBS in Ukraine

Note: Tuition Fees mentioned for the Universities per year are subject to changes as per the Euro exchange rate, students should consider the same care as it is on approximate calculations on the average rate of exchange.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Ukraine


Ukrainian is the official language but Russian is also used widely all over the country. It was observed that Ukrainian is only a state language but the majority of the population speaks Russian.


Hryvnia is the national currency of the country with an exchange value of 1$ = 28 Hryvnia (approx) and 1 INR = 0.38 Hryvnia. Even though there is a difference in the exchange value it’s much cheaper compared to other country's currencies.


The climate of Ukraine is different from what we typically experience in India as during winters there tends to be very cold and with snowfalls and summers is usually warm.

Cost of Living

The cost of living usually depends on the place of stay as some cities are more costly than others. But on average a person can spend around 200 $ – 400$ per month.


Is MBBS in Ukraine valid in India?

Yes. NMC, WHO, UNESCO, and other major agencies recognized the MBBS course of Ukraine Medical universities which is 100% valid in India and across the world. Any student that has finished their course in Ukraine medical universities can practice medicine globally after getting a valid license from the local governmental agencies.

What is the Medical Degree that Ukraine Medical University’s Offer?

Most of the Ukraine Medical Universities offer MBBS courses following the European education system few of them as well also offer MD courses like the US medical system. Both courses are valid and the students can practice in both geographical areas after their course completion.

How many Indian students are studying MBBS in Ukraine?

As per the previous year’s admissions, more than 5000 Indian students are studying in various medical colleges of Ukraine. Approximately 2000 students migrate every year to study medicine in Ukraine.

What is the total course Fee to study Medicine in Ukraine?

Most of the Ukraine Universities offer very affordable fees ranging from 2,5 lakhs per year to 8 lakhs per year. The course fee depends on the choice of the University or the college that the students preferred to study their medical course.

What are the eligibility criteria to study medicine in Ukrainian Universities?

Any student that has completed their 17 years and qualified in a 10+2 pattern of education with a minimum of 50% PCB in Intermediate / 12th. NEET qualification is mandatory for those students that are willing to get a valid license from NMC to practice medicine in India after their course. But the same is not mandatory to study medicine in Ukraine Universities.

What is the system of education that follows in Ukrainian Medical Universities?

All of the Ukraine Universities follow the European system.

What is the pattern of Examination that follows in Ukraine Medical Universities?

Ukraine exam pattern for MBBS course is of Yearly based, students have to follow yearly examination pattern. The marking of the examination will be under the credit transfer system.

What is the cost of living per year during the study of medicine in Ukraine?

Approximately an amount of Rs. 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 will be required to live in Ukraine per year, the same might have slight variations contingent on the area of the university or college located.

When the admission / enrolment procedure is starts in Ukraine Universities?

Ukraine Universities usually have August enrolments only one time per year.

Is there any need to qualify any entrance examinations or language test to study medicine in Ukraine?

No. No entrance or any other qualifying tests are required including any language examinations like IELTS/TOFEL are required to enroll.

Is there any Indian Embassy in Ukraine?

Indian Embassy at Ukraine located in Kyiv the capital city which will be available for any support required for the students or others. One can contact the Embassy for any issues during regular working hours and also can get more information from https://www.eoiukraine.gov.in/embassy-premise.php or to the given numbers at the site.

Is Indian food available in the Universities of Ukraine?

Plenty of Indian restaurants are available in the near vicinity; nonetheless, Ukrainian universities provide continental cuisines in their canteens.

What is the cost of tickets to travel to Ukraine?

Usually Ukraine airfare range from around 35,000 to 70,000 INR on normal days with planned programs instead of last-minute bookings.

Are there any accommodation facilities available for Indian students in Ukraine?

Yes. All universities in Ukraine provide fully equipped accommodation facilities to their international students in a safe and secured environment.

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