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Crimea Federal University

Studying MBBS does not intend to provide for yourself, you should study medicine to ensure the safety of the community. If you are looking to study MBBS to serve society, then look for the best country and college to provide you with immense experience and exposure to medicine. Then you should apply to pursue medicine in a century-old, World’s top Medical University that is preeminent to shape knowledge, skill, experience creating attitudes and expectations. You are in right place here Crimea Federal University will be your prime choice of Doctor Destination. Crimea Federal University has a glorified history among the top institutions of Russia since its inception emerged as the center for academic and vocational medical education. It’s upgrading incessantly keeping abreast of medical education from a global perspective. The academy strives assiduously in providing intellectual potential for medical research, services, development, and excellence in teaching.

Official Website: https://www.crfu.ru/

About Crimea Federal University

Year of Establishment 1918
Acronym CFU
Type of the University Public
Location of the University Simferopol, Crimea, Russia
Recognitions / Accreditations MCI, WHO, WDMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, AMC, GMC
Medium of Teaching English
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+2 with PCB of 50%, NEET qualification
The population of Indian Students 1000
Indian Food facility The restaurant is available with continental and Indian cuisines
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September / October


The academy has created the consecutive model of medical education ensuring quality augmentation including the preparatory department, courses, medical lyceum, post-diploma education, and training of efficient doctors. University established in 1978 as Medical Faculty of Taurida University later became autonomous in 1931 and famously known as Crimea Medical Institute. In honor of Sergey Ivanovich Geogievsky (rector of the University from 195 to 1970), this has been named as S.I. Georgievsky of Vernadsky Crimea Federal University since 1935. In 1998 the higher school emerged as one of the top Universities of Russia has been the dream destination for medical education across the globe.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Crimea Federal University ranks in the 13th Position among the top Universities of the Russian Federation and is the most favorite University for Indian Medical Students. University provides the best infrastructure amenities in order to facilitate thousands of national and international students year by year. University incorporates 60 departments, 23 academic and non-academic units, 12 branches across Crimea Federal University along with 12 science and research institutions, and 8 colleges. The University is equipped with modern technology and paraphernalia updating in timely mode with a fine fettle share of top expert faculty, professors especially efficient medical Practitioners.

International Students

Since 1961 Crimea Federal University is hosting international students under its various wings from more than 60 countries across the Globe. Since 1999 Crimea Federal University developed the English mode of teaching especially to provide for International students including Indian Medical aspirants designed complete educational materials, books, manuals, and electronic variants exclusively in English. More than 10000 international students admit to Crimea Federal University every year among 1000 from India to study Medicine. The International Medical Faculty of Crimea Federal University has been awarded prestigious rating AA signifying “Top institution that is internationally known and recognized” officially from IES—International Education Society Ltd, London for its exceptional exertions. All these specialties combining with the lowest and affordable fee cost of medical education gratified international students flock from all over the world.

Indian Students

More than 1000 medical students are studying in Crimea Federal University in medical courses experiencing the essence of medical education in an extensive environment facilitating research and training. More than 7000 staff members render their immaculate and ceaseless services produce transcendent presentation and dependence.

Indian Food And Accommodation

Indian Food canteen is available in Crimea Federal University with an affordable cost of $ 200 per month. Tasty south and north Indian three meals are provided as per the student’s preference including continental food of Malaysia, Chinese, Thai and Arabic cuisines. Subject to the size 2-3 sharing rooms are available within the campus to the students at affordable cost. Well-furnished kitchens are also provided in the hostel for the students enthusiastic to cook their food.

Why Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University a century-old experienced Government University is one of the top universities in Russia also emerged as the highest Indian student populated university. More than 20 years of English teaching expertise tends to an additional advantage in gaining strong sustenance from foreign student community including these additional benefits:

  • MCI, WHO, ECFMG, WDOMS, and other globally recognized and accredited institutions.
  • Medical aspirants who completed their MBBS degree from Crimea Federal University will have global recognition and can practice all over the world including their home countries (India).
  • The experience and proficiency in science, healthcare sector, and training will be the most beneficial to the medical aspirants to avail immense training and exposure in medical education.
  • Medical students acquire high knowledge, training, patient interaction, and clinical exposure from the government hospitals of Simferopol.
  • The total course fee is subsidized and very affordable to the Indian students costing below 19 lakhs including food and accommodation for 6 years of the entire course duration.
  • Crimea Federal University achieved the outstanding feat of attaining pinnacle positions of higher education over Europe.
  • Modern technical aids equipped with teaching and the best laboratory facilities are provided for students learning.
  • Students are allowed to gain knowledge by participating in various research programs under the excellent guidance of professors experiencing the highest merits.
  • Exceptional college infrastructure, top class accommodations, continental cuisines in subsidized rates availability becomes the best additional benefit along with world-class medical education.
  • Scholarship availability from various agencies tremendously supports the needed students financially.

Fee structure at Crimea Federal University for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Crimea Federal University

Crimea city

Crimea Federal University

About Crimea city: Crimea is a headland situated to the northern coast side of the Black Sea in the Ukrainian region of Kherson connecting to Kuban of Russia. Crimea city is renowned to have great historical value invaded with various empires. City spread across an area of 27,000 km2 having a population of 2,416,856 is a beautiful place filled with spectacular mountain ranges, rivers, major streams, vineyards, fruit orchids, and lush greenery, flaunting summer sea-bathing resorts and sub-Mediterranean forest complex ecoregions, scrublands, woodlands and so mesmerizing to the viewers.

Culture and heritage: Crimea is a great historic and holiday destination of Russia since the 19th century great masses of tourists visit this fascinating place for their breaks. Crimea holds great travel cultural heritage spots including Bakhchisaray Palace, Dueber Palace, Vorontsov Palace, Livadia Palace, a Catholic church in Yalta, St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, and many more along with the high mountain ranges, beaches, and other attractive destinations to visit.

Transportation: Simferopol International Airport connects with the world cities by handling 6.5 million passengers per year greatly supporting international travels. Local transportation majorly depends on public bus transport, railway lines, and trolley bus networks.

Climate: Crimea due to its special location experiences diverse microclimatic conditions as it is arranged between temperate and subtropical climatic belts of the country. All in all, it showcases continental climatic conditions in moderate with warm and sunny weathers, mild winters. An average temperature of 10oC to 13oC during summers and winters ranging between -3oC to 4.4oC. June-July is of summer months showing high temperatures with dry climates and whereas Dec-Jan months experience extreme cold climates. Climate definitely is a major hurdle to the students that have migrated from tropical or hot climatic countries to adjust to these extremely cold temperatures.

Safety: Crimea though not the largest city in Russia, is very beautiful and safe for all the tourists or foreign students willing to study in Irkutsk Universities. This is one of the safest cities in Russia with peace, beauty, and sustainable operational growth. Every year hundreds of students and tourists visit Irkutsk to experience the beauty of the city and enrich their knowledge.

Communication: Locals are very friendly and usually communicate in Russian but plenty of them can speak English makes it easy for international students to settle in the city throughout their education.

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