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MBBS in Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines the archipelagic country of Southeast Asia is the paramount option for any student seeking MBBS abroad. This island country is the top opted destination for Indian Medical students past decade. Students are highly fascinated towards study MBBS in the Philippines majorly on the Global standards of education offered by the Philippines Universities and very affordable fee structure. The list carries on along with innumerable favorable conditions including top-ranked medical universities, globally recognized medical degrees; high pass percentage in FMGE, low tuition fee structure, affordable cost of living, Indian food availability, widely English speaking country, similar climatic conditions to India and so. You can find every added advantage of studying MBBS in the Philippines here to evaluate among the choices available to study MBBS across the globe.

About Philippines

Capital City Manila
Total area 3,00,000 km2
Official languages Filipino, English
Currency Peso
Religions Christianity
Government Union Presidential Constitutional Republic
President at present Rodrigo Duterte
Legislature Congress
Total population 106,651,394
Time variation to India 2 hr 30 mnts ahead of India

Philippines the Island nation consists of 7640 islands located in the western region of the Pacific Ocean bounded by the South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Celebes Sea, and shares maritime water with various countries. The country in total was segregated into three regions Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with 109 million populations. The country spread across 300,000 km2 area ranked as the 12th most populous country. Philippines is famous for its diverse ethnicities, cultures, and multinational status accommodating people from all over the globe.
Manila the National Capital city of Philippines and the country’s new industrialized status boosting the economy transitioning from agriculture to service and manufacturing industries. The country’s geographical location of sunken islands makes it highly vulnerable and prone to typhoon risks and earthquakes at specific locations.

Indian Embassy at Philippines

Indian Embassy at the Philippines located in Manila the capital at 2190, Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas Village, Makati City, Metro Manila region, Philippines. For any general or emergency purposes, one can get in contact with the Indian embassy in the Philippines at the given address, during the working hours of weekdays, else contact through https://www.eoimanila.gov.in/page/contact-us/. For matters relating to Indian students studying in the Philippines, they can mail at this ID edu.manila@mea.gov.in to get information and help from the concerned authorities.

Medical Education in Philippines

Philippines MBBS / MD course valid all over the world and the country follows a US-based education system. Indian follows UK based education system where 10+2 is the eligibility to enroll in medical courses. +2/ Intermediate should be with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry subjects and 5.5 years of MBBS course including final year internship. In Philippines, as they follow US standards after their 10th they study 4 years of Pre-Medicine course and 4 years of Doctor of Medicine, including internship which is equivalent to Indian MBBS and recognized by WHO, NMC, ECFMG, and other global agencies. Here the credit system allows the students to quality 360 credits in pre-medicine, and students from India as they have completed their 2 years of Intermediate/12th standard they need to complete the remaining credits. They join into Pre-medicine and study to finish the credits balance, later enrolled into MD course for 4 years duration. Pre-medicine or BS course duration varies as per the college’s internal adjustment of the credit system here few are with 1/1.5/2 years of duration as per their convenience.

Glimpse on Studying MBBS in Philippines

Course Name MD
Total Duration of the Course 5 / 6yrs including 1 yr Internship
Intake March and September
Eligibility requirement 10+ 2 (With 50% PCB in + 2)
NEET requirement Qualification required
Any entrance requirement NO
IELTS / TOEFL requirement NO
Medium of Instruction English
Recognition of Medical Course NMC, WHO, UNESCO, WDOMS, WFME, FAIMER and so
Total course fee 2.5 lakhs – 5.25 lakhs per year depending on the University or College chosen
Cost of living Rs. 10 to 15 thousand / month
Hostel availability Available at affordable fee Rs. 10,000 to 16,000 per month

Why Study MBBS in Philippines?

Philippines the Island country pioneered as the top medical educational hub past few years for Indian Medical aspirants. The popularity is rising continuously accommodating thousands of Indian and foreign students at most of the Medical Universities of Philippines. MBBS in Philippines emerged to be one of the greatest opportunities particularly for those middle and lower-class students dreaming to get Global standards of Medical Education at an affordable fee structure.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Philippines

Studying MBBS in Philippines greatly fascinated the Indian Medical aspirants these years are in lieu with the association of the inordinate benefits:

  • Globally renowned top medical Universities
  • Easy admission and enrollment process
  • No entrance Examination required
  • No capitation fee or hidden charges
  • Medical Degree accepted across the Globe
  • English Medium of teaching
  • 90% population can communicate in English
  • World’s top medical university’s
  • US standards of Medical Education
  • Merit scholarships for extraordinary students
  • Scholarships provided for economically needed students
  • Educational loan facilities
  • Low and Affordable Fee structure
  • Authentic, tasty Indian food restaurants are available aplenty
  • Low cost of living and Hostel facility in all medical colleges
  • Topical climatic conditions similar to India easily adapt
  • Similar Disease pattern to India useful during practice
  • NMC, WHO, UNESCO recognized medical universities
  • Great learning opportunities with practical and research-oriented methods
  • 3-D simulation technologies provided for the great learning experience
  • Cadaver’s or Dead bodies provided at a 1:5 student ratio
  • Well equipped, latest advanced technology operated laboratories and teaching aids
  • Best accommodation facilities with a safe and secure environment
  • Tasty and authentic Indian food availability in Hostels as well as in university canteens
  • Simple admission and enrolment procedures
  • Hassle-free visa procedures and best international transport facilities with reasonable prices
  • Low and very affordable ticket prices and frequent air transport from all major cities
  • 7 to 8 hours travel time only to reach Philippines
  • Friendly locals great comfort to live for the entire course duration
Essential Documents for Admission of MBBS in Philippines

Countries and Colleges might have varied admission/enrolment procedures, nonetheless, the documentation required for the same is more or less similar which may include all original documents of:

  • Birth Certificate
  • S.S.C marks memo
  • Intermediate/12th /+2 marks memo
  • Migration /Transfer /School leaving Certificate
  • NEET scorecard
  • Passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Bank statements
  • NOC from parents
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Medical Certificates

Course Duration

Philippines follows a US-based education system where a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program that is equivalent to an MBBS degree is awarded. The entire course duration varies as per the college/university from 5yrs to 6yrs, Graduation degrees of the colleges are valid in India and across the world to practice medicine.

Medium of Teaching

English is the medium of teaching at all the Medical Universities of Philippines, as it is their official second language. All universities check the proficiency of English as an eligibility criterion to enroll in the MBBS course in Philippines.

NMC And WHO Recognized Universities/Colleges

Fee Structure for MBBS in Philippines

Note: Tuition Fees mentioned for the Universities per year are subject to changes as per the Peso exchange rate, students should consider the same carefully as it is on approximate calculations on the average rate of exchange.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Philippines

Indian Food and Accommodation

Indian food is never a problem in Philippines as the country’s people are also rice eaters. Every vegetable that is available in India can easily be obtainable at affordable prices in Philippines. Every major city has plenty of Indian restaurants particularly near the Medical colleges with a high Indian student population we can find more than one Indian restaurant. They provide the best economy-priced Indian food for the students on monthly basis for two meals very affordable to the students studying MBBS in Philippines. Most of the colleges provide accommodation facilities at the university premises or at the near vicinity.


A wide variety of individual languages are listed in Philippines among 182 are living and 4 are non-living languages. Filipino and English are the country’s official languages where English is widely used and can be communicated by 90% of the population. English is also a second language taught as compulsory in Philippines schools, and all the written communication is in English syllables only as their official Filipino language doesn’t have any script. This greatly supports the foreign nationals to study over there comfortably as they can easily read and understand every board, signs, names of the places and so. Tagalog, Ilocano, Cebuano, Bikol, Chavacano are few major communication languages over the country in the provinces.


Philippines Peso is the official currency of the country, exchanging rate approximately per one US$ equals to 50 Philippines pesos. Every Philippines Peso equals 1.60 INR (approximately) not much difference in comparison to dollars and Euro prices. This easily enables the low cost of living and low expenditure to the students studying MBBS in Philippines.


Philippines accommodate international airports at its major cities and the time duration from India is around 7 to 8 hours normally. The time for the travel also depends on the stops of the airlines which usually are of one-stop as the country doesn’t have for now any direct flights. The internal transportation within the country majorly depends on the Metro, Buses, Zeepneys, Tri’C’s, cabs, and motorbikes.

Safety at Philippines

Philippines is the 12th safest place across the world as per the studies and is very safe particularly for foreign nationals. The country is very safe for locals and foreign nationals unless they particularly roam around the near proximity to clubhouses and during nights.


Philippines has a tropical maritime climate closely similar to the Indian climate usually hot and humid in nature. Philippines holds three seasons hot and dry summers, rainy season, and cool dry seasons. Summers are very hot temperature ranges from 21 to 40oC usually from the months of March to May. Rainy seasons are from June to November having a good rainfall ratio as the country is more prone to Typhoons, several occurrences can be seen during the year. The climatic conditions are most comfortable to adapt to Indian medical graduates and feel very natural to adjust.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Philippines is very low and approximately an amount of INR 7,000 to 15,000 is required for food and accommodation for the students. The cost of expenditure also depends on the students spending.

Country Specifics and Cultural Heritage of Philippines

Filipinos hold distinct value systems rooted primarily in personal alliance, particularly valued in kinship, obligation, friendship, religion, and commercial relationships. Filipinos are great friendly-natured people with simple minds maintains great social accord, are outgoing, desire group acceptance. They greatly follow values, thrive for social acceptance and approval, and cares for what others think of them at most. They are very much cautious of what they say or do and how others feel about them. Filipinos are very hospitable, religious in nature, and respect others a lot especially their female members. They fear God and abhor the acts of cheating, theft, and other crimes.


Is Philippines Good for MBBS?

Philippines emerged as one of the popular destinations to study MBBS abroad especially to most of the Indian medical aspirants past few years. Philippines Universities are ranked among the top and recognized by WHO for their international educational standards this attracts most of the medical aspirants. Additional to these facts the Low cost and affordable medical education of Philippines is also a major enticing attribute for international students compared with other destinations offering MBBS abroad.

How much it will cost to study MBBS in Philippines?

MBBS in Philippines is comparatively very low cost and affordable than few countries that are offering medical education to foreign students. It also depends on the choice of the colleges to which the student is interested to admit, however approximately the course fee ranges from 2.5 to 5.5 lakhs per year in various Philippines universities.

Why MBBS in Philippines comparatively cheap with other countries?

Philippines Government emphasizes more on providing free Higher education guaranteeing most of the graduates to continue their studies irrespective of financial capability. It provides a subsidized fee structure for MBBS and all other courses in the Philippines Universities costing very little to the medical aspirants. Aside from the fact Philippines currency exchange also reduces the cost of living and tuition fees for international and Indian students.

Is MBBS in Philippines valid in India?

Yes. Most of the Philippines Medical colleges are recognized by NMC and WHO, Students who have completed MBBS in Philippines are eligible to practice nevertheless in India but anywhere in the world.

Is Philippines safe for Indian Students?

Philippines is ranked in12th place for being the safest country in the world, particularly for foreign nationals and women folk. You just need to consider roaming at proper localities and not going around single during nights.

Is NEET required to study MBBS in Philippines?

Yes. NEET is made mandatory to study MBBS abroad by the Indian Government to apply for a medical license after completion of the course.

How to get MBBS admission in Philippines?

MBBS admission in Philippines is the most aspiring viewing the entire benefits provided for students with low fee structure gaining a world-class education. Depend on the best and experienced consultants to guide through the admission process properly like Rainbow Abroad. This helps you to reduce the high burden admission process and for trusted services in seeking better guidance in the choice of university, enrollment, and other related facilities.

What is the enrollment process to admit in Philippines?

To get enrollment students need to check the eligibility criteria carefully and select the best college to admit with guidance from Rainbow Abroad. The experienced counselors of RA will lead you through the entire process of admission letters to enrollment in Philippines universities.

What is the right time to apply for MBBS in Philippines?

Normally every year June is the right time to start the enrolment process for MBBS admission in Philippines universities. Philippines Universities have 3-time enrolments a year usually during the months of August, November, and April. The admission process starts from seat reservation in the month of July later application submission in July month to August for completion of the admission process. Visa and Departure procedures usually finish during September month but the 2021 NEET exam delay might postpone our admission schedule a little. Check with RA experts to know the exact time and procedures to apply for MBBS in Philippines.

What is the total course duration to complete MBBS in Philippines?

MBBS in Philippines Universities are for 5 to 6 years including final year Internship depending on the choice of College/ University.

What important factors needed to consider before University selection to study MBBS?

The most important factors that a student aspiring to study MBBS in Philippines should consider prior to selection of University are:
1. University NMC & WHO recognition
2. University local and World Ranking
3. Medium of Instruction
4. Hospitals affiliated
5. Research and Development opportunities
6. Location of the University
7. Indian Food and Accommodation facility

What will be the cost of living expenses per month for Indian students?

Philippines Universities offer the best accommodation facilities with subsidized costs and an amount of INR 7,000 to 15,000 is needed for living expenses per month for any Indian student.

Is the climate of Philippines easy to adjust to Indian students?

Yes, Philippines has Tropical climatic conditions very similar to the Indian climate hot and humid. The average temperatures are 21 to 35oC all over the year having three seasons at major. Typhoons and earthquakes are the little inconvenient factors for the students other than this the temperatures are very comfortable for Indian students to adapt to.

Does the MBBS degree from Philippines valid to practice or to get a Medical license in India?

MBBS in Philippines Universities are valid worldwide as most of them are government colleges and WHO recognized, also listed in world’s best universities. To get a valid license from India with Philippines MBBS degree students need to check the NMC recognition of the college/university they intend to admit to.

When will be the college year starts for MBBS students in Philippines?

Universities of Philippines start their curriculum three times during August, November, and April months. However, due to COVID-19 affecting the academic year in 2021, the schedule of classes might postpone and you can get exact updates from Rainbow Abroad.

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