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Kyrgyz Russian Slavic UniversityKyrgyz Russian Slavic University is the only university of Kyrgyzstan that is operated under both governments of Kyrgyzstan and Russian together. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University was established in the year 1992 in accordance with the Friendship treaty under both countries to maintain mutual collaboration between the Kyrgyz Republic and Russian Federation. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University envisions ensuring special professional training through modern methods and skills of medical education. University implements 40 specialty training programs till the date 2018 medical doctors, 805 pediatricians, 1683 dentists were trained and successfully graduated from the university working across the globe. University till the dates maintain its high quality of teaching and professional training to all its students explicitly confirmed by Russian-Kyrgyz expert commissions since all these years shows its continuous great service to the society.

Official Website: https://www.krsu.edu.kg/

About Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Year of Establishment 1992
Acronym KRSU
Type of the University Public
Location of the University Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine
The population of Indian Students 200
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September


Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University currently holds a total of 482 expert faculty members out of the 332 are full-time and others are visiting members. Among them, 40 specialist doctors, professors, 136 are associate professors, 4 honored scientists, and 200 excellent healthcare professionals together contributing to the student's development on clinical and academic skills. Most of the faculty members are graduates from the top and prominent universities of the world joined together to fulfill the inordinate mission and vision of the university.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University has a humungous campus comprising all academic and other departments equipped with modern facilities. The digitalized theoretical classrooms, 4 advanced laboratories, 6 top research centers, 15 educational and scientific centers, well-equipped hundreds of volumes holding library to impart best medical and research knowledge to all its medical students. Aside from these university provides well-built auditoriums, basketball volleyball courts, a canteen, and other necessary amenities including peaceful places to study well at the campus.

International Students

More than 12000 students have graduated from various courses of the university around 4000 international students are currently studying at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University seeking their best futures. University provides top high European standards of education greatly supports the to students to excel in their respective dream choice professions. Students from countries like Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, USA, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Nepal, Spain, China, and others are prominently admitted every year.

Indian Students

Over 200 Indian students community resides at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University diligently paving a path to their successful future of being outstanding medical professionals. Though the student's number is not that high compared with the other schools of the region quality and standards wise Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University tops all the local medical colleges with proven previous grand results. Most of the Indian students that are studying at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University feel more motivated to continue their medical education and greatly satisfied with their choice of this institution after they have acquainted with the prodigious faculty members and facilities training them meritoriously.

Indian Food And Accommodation

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University provides the best dormitories filled with every basic necessity that is very luxurious to very subsidized prices to support the foreign students. Dormitories are well furnished with basic requirements like the central heating system, common rooms, Canteens with Indian food, continuous wifi, drinking water, and other facilities on sharing basis. Students can choose to have their own chosen food and accommodation from the available options as per their financial convenience.

Why Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

  • Only a prestigious University that is collaborated and established under Kyrgyz and Russian governments together.
  • Established in 1993 continuously thriving towards great inception of skills and high standards of education to all its students.
  • Best University that is affiliated with the majority of Prestigious world universities in exchange programs and collaborative activities.
  • Top University envisioned providing a high quality of education to its students.
  • 40 specialties and other programs meticulously supporting the vast number of entrants.
  • 5000 plus medical and health care graduates successfully employed in the world's best hospitals.
  • 60 plus countries of foreign students enrolled every year.
  • World recognized medical degree accredited by WHO, ECFMG, IMED, FAIMER and so.
  • NMC approved a medical degree eligible to practice medicine in India after graduation.
  • No Donation/Capitation Fee/ Entrance Examinations are needed to enroll.
  • Top faculty graduates of world-renowned universities.
  • Exquisite dormitories on sharing basis exclusive for boys and girls.
  • Healthy and nutritious Indian food facility supplying to the satisfaction of Indian students.
  • English is the teaching language and communication at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.
  • Easy and simple admission and visa procedures.
  • Best infrastructural facilities providing the highest satisfaction.
  • Financial aid is provided to all the students that are seeking economic support.
  • Scholarships for the meritorious students on yearly basis.
  • Low and very affordable fee structure.

Fee Structure at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Bishkek city

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

About Bishkek city: Bishkek is the largest city of Kyrgyzstan and the capital established in 1825 is close to the border of Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan. The former Pishpek named city is the administrative center of the country situated 2600 ft altitude with a population of 10,53,915 spread through 169.9 km2. The city was under the ruling of Kokand, Tsarist, Soviet, later independent sovereign after the demise of the soviet union and many riots. The currency used in Kyrgyzstan is som which ranges quite equal to Indian rupee exchange to US dollar approximately 75 stems per every dollar. City also the most polluted city of Kyrgyzstan as well topped among the capitals of the world.

Culture and heritage: Passed through various era’s city has ancient cultures of all the ruling eras till date monumental heritage greatly satisfies the tourists. The city holds the best tourist attractions like State Historical Museum, State Museum of applied arts, Frunze house museum, a statue of Ivan Panfilov, equestrian statue, train station of German prisoners, main government building, ala-too square, Osh bazaar, Kyrgyz national philharmonic concert hall and so.

Transportation: Public transport at Kyrgyzstan mostly includes buses, electric trolleybuses, public vans, taxi cabs, commuter long-distance buses, serving the citizens to travel within and out of the city too long distances. Bishkek-2 railway station offers very few trains especially a three-day train service from Bishkek to Moscow is most popular. Manas International Airport is located just 25 kilometers away from the city serving air travel to most of the major cities of the world.

Climate: Bishkek has a humid continental climate with an average low temperature of 3oC during the months of January and February to a high temperature of 31oC during the June-July months. Summers usually are very dry also experience major thunder and sand storms with gusty winds and winters experience snowfalls frequently and heavy fog. These climatic conditions are a little overwhelming to the students who migrated to study there especially for south Indian students where they are acquainted with tropical climatic conditions.

Safety: Kyrgyzstan is one of the safest countries and Bishkek is one of the safest capitals of the world being overly populated the crime rate is quite low. Except for petty crimes like the pick-pocketing city is very safe from serious crimes. Though the city is mostly safe the tourists or the students should be careful during the night times roaming and not to roam during night times individually.

Communication: Kyrgyz is the national language of Kyrgyzstan and Russian is also a major speaking language over there. Kyrgyz is a Tukic language adopted officially in 1991 as the official language. English is the teaching language at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University and the communication of the same can be done at the university with the faculty and the peers. Nonetheless one cannot expect the same during interacting with the locals and to have direct coordination with the patients students need to learn the local language.

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