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Semey Medical University

Semey Medical University one of the largest medical universities in Kazakhstan envisioned to contribute to the whole society by improving the health care system. Semey Medical University's rich historic traditions and values emerged to integrate of best clinical and scientific knowledge to imbibe with education to promote the future generations to train like the best and competent professionals supporting the society at large. Semey Medical University established in the year 1953 successfully created generations of expert professionals that are performing to their best abilities all over the country and abroad. Semey Medical University is considered as the pearl to the healthcare system of the country with the efficacious fusion of science, technology, practice, and education building the innovative methods to thoroughly instill the skills to train the outstanding professionals out of it. Semey Medical University to date has graduated more than 25,000 professionals working in various countries across the world. This multi-medical University was honored with various prestigious awards and rewards for its exceptional performance all these years. Semey Medical University is the best choice for any medical graduate intending to learn education successfully merged with clinical exposure.

Official Website: https://semeymedicaluniversity.kz/en/

About Semey Medical University

Year of Establishment 1953
Acronym SMU
Type of the University Public
Location of the University Semey, Kazakhstan
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC, WHO
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine
The population of Indian Students 150
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September


1500 dedicated faculty members are in service to the University and the student community engaging, imparting, imbibing research methods, innovation, knowledge, and skills. A specialist accreditation procedure is applied to all the medical aspirants to verify their innate skills and knowledge meeting in accordance with the required professional standards. Accreditation of medical professionals intending to analyze the medical care and clinical protocols is an excellent prerequisite norm for the University for all its medical professionals, students, and doctorates.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Faculty of General Medicine or the Department of Medicine in Semey Medical University consists of more than 10 departments with 400 highly qualified Expert Professors and 250 other teaching staff and innovative latest technical laboratories, own hospital plus tens of affiliated Clinics serving more than 1,00,000 patients per year provides the best learning environment to the Medical students. Semey Medical University holds the highest standard infrastructure, buildings, culture, anatomy museum, in training the medical students meritoriously and proficiently. Semey Medical University stands as a boon to the medical aspirants thriving to learn the world’s best medical and innovative clinical practices.

International Students

More than 12000 medical doctors have commemorated their Medical degrees and specialist degrees from Semey Medical University to date. Among which 2500 students are from 20 plus foreign countries like India, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, and Russia countries voyaged to learn best medical education. University is the most commendable for providing the best global training, international exposure to the local and international students. Semey Medical University treats all its foreign students as treasures in their university and prioritizes their complete safety and protection.

Indian Students

Semey Medical University holds a good percentage of foreign nationals every year to excel and 150 of them are medical aspirants migrated from India. Kazakhstan hosting Indian medical students is novel practicing the tradition past few decades. Semey Medical University takes every precaution in safeguarding the Indian student's rights and takes the responsibility of highly promoting their clinical skills to build them as the top medical practitioners.

Indian Food And Accommodation

Indian food and other continental cuisines are made available to all the foreign nationals inside the University campus. Students also accommodated with a fully furnished kitchen to supplement those intending to self-cook. In-campus Hostel accommodation with compulsory 2-3 sharing within the same gender arranged with subsidized costs per month. Rooms are fully furnished with a central condition system with common bathrooms and laundry facilities to enjoy the study with safety.

Why Semey Medical University

  • Largest Public medical universities of Kazakhstan
  • Rich historical heritage and leading institution with great potential and reputation in promoting global medical standards
  • Semey Medical University is a leader in contributing to the healthcare industry of the country
  • Envisioned to provide great assistance in improving the health care professionals of the country
  • NMC, WHO, and other globally recognized and accredited institutions.
  • Medical aspirants who completed their MBBS degree from Semey Medical University will have global recognition and can practice all over the world including their home countries (India).
  • The experience and proficiency in science, healthcare sector, and training will be the most beneficial to the medical aspirants to avail immense training and exposure in medical education.
  • Medical students acquire high knowledge, training, patient interaction, and clinical exposure from the government hospitals of Simferopol.
  • The total course fee is subsidized and very affordable to the Indian students costing below 22 lakhs including food and accommodation for 6 years of the entire course duration.
  • Semey Medical University achieved the outstanding feat of attaining pinnacle positions of higher education over the country.
  • Modern technical aids equipped with teaching and the best laboratory facilities are provided for students learning.
  • Students are allowed to gain knowledge by participating in various research programs under the excellent guidance of professors experiencing the highest merits.
  • Exceptional college infrastructure, top class accommodations, continental cuisines in subsidized rates availability becomes the best additional benefit along with world-class medical education.
  • Scholarship availability from various agencies tremendously supports the needed students financially.
  • No Donation / Capitation Fee / Entrance Examination is needed for enrolments
  • English Medium of teaching

Fee Structure at Semey Medical University for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Semey Medical University

Semey city

Semey Medical University

About Semey city: Semey city dates back to 1718 established under the Russian era is a major city of Kazakhstan spread along with the border of River Irtysh. City spread through an area of 210 km2C with 2,99,264 population with great historic heritage and culture till the date serves as an important commercial trade center to the city.

Transportation: Semey International Airport located just 10 kilometers southwest of the city center serves the international travelers connecting to major cities of the world. Bus terminal provides best services to the intercity express travels as well to china through international bus travels, also bicycle-sharing system on monthly card basis you can avail free travel greatly supports the students for low economic travels.

Climate: Semey has warm summer and humid continental climatic conditions experiencing summers very hot and winter very cold climates. Winters are very cold and experience minus degree temperatures whereas summers are quite hot with 42.5oC temperatures on average. Semey city holds extreme cold climates during winters ranging up to -40oC during the winter months of November. Snowfall is a common occurrence in the month of Dec-Jan every year. This climate though is not ideal to the foreign nationals who adapted to tropical climatic zones need to think twice before choosing these countries for their education.

Safety: Semey is the extremely safest city comparing with the other major cosmopolitan cities of Europe and America. The crime rates at Semey are very low except few slight cases of muggings and thefts. The city is most safe to the tourists and students who migrated to study can live in peace for their entire stay. The city is the most visited city in the country through the public support system greatly advanced in this cosmopolitan city, and women feel safer in this country.

Communication: Communication at Semey is major of two languages, Kazakhstan's official language is spoken by 30% of the population and the remaining prefer to communicate in Russian. English is the communication and teaching language at all the universities of Kazakhstan nevertheless most of the young populations of the country are able to converse in English at large. However, the older generation can only communicate in Russian and for the medical students learning the local language is advisable considering the fact that they need to have direct interaction with the patients.

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