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Kokshetau State University

Kokshetau State University's modern educational institution aimed to provide qualified specialists by the inception of innovative learning methodologies. A globally recognized medical degree got accredited from NAAR ratings for its 60 educational programs as the best quality programs indoctrinating the top standards fulfilling various norms and rules. Kokshetau State University is among the top private universities of the country relentlessly occupied in the better of higher education and creation of best healthcare professionals to the society. Kokshetau State University has 4 major faculties and 7000 students at present working through their passion for learning health care with modern teaching methods at the university. This public university is renowned in the area for bringing the greatest opportunities to the students that have enrolled from local and foreign nationals.

Official Website: https://kokshetaustateuniversity.com/

About Kokshetau State University

Year of Establishment 1962
Acronym KSU
Type of the University Public
Location of the University Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC/MCI, WHO, ECFMG, AMC, GMC, FAIMER
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine, Stomatology, Nursing, Pharmacy
The population of Indian Students 150
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September


The four faculty departments of Kokshetau State University are dedicated solely to promoting higher education disseminating excellent standards of education to the deserved students. University’s every department occupied with proficient and experienced faculty members joined from various specialties. The hundreds of faculty members of Kokshetau State University play a very effective and efficient role in shaping the future of its students especially the medical school holds expert surgeons, professors, assistants, and associate professors expertly handling careers of future doctors of the world.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

60 years of building the trusting faith in students Kokshetau State University paved the path to its outstanding journey of enhancing high-quality education continuously instilled in all its students. For the vision to set forth every facility has provided with utmost care and dedication from modern infrastructure, theoretical classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, and a vast library filled with volumes of reference books and journals, and other necessities. Kokshetau State University also owned the best hospitals for internships and regular learning.

International Students

Over 1000 international students are studying at Kokshetau State University from various countries especially from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, India, and so. Students fascinated by the great campus-associated learning atmosphere greatly promoting medical aspirants to gain vast knowledge and skills. History of innovative medical knowledge inculcation at Kokshetau State University excels the best medical knowledge and motivation to bring the best of its students.

Indian Students

Over 150 Indian students currently pursuing medicine at Kokshetau State University trying to learn the unique methodologies that are rapidly changing in the era of modern medicine. Students all over India join this University in the hope to learn extensive clinical experience and best medical knowledge through theoretical and practical orientation.

Indian Food And Accommodation

Dormitories are present at Kokshetau State University fully furnished 2 sharing rooms accurately prepared to the utmost satisfaction of the students predominantly to the foreign nationals to give them the great feel of their being at their homes. Centrally conditioned systems, common areas, food court, game zones for recreation including free wifi, laundry, and other facilities arranged for comfortable living. Indian foods prepared by Indian chefs are also available for the taste preferences of the students residing at the dorms and at the college mess.

Why Kokshetau State University

  • Top public medical Institution of the region dedicated to promoted medical education
  • NAAR accredited medical programs for maintaining excellent standards of education
  • WHO, NMC recognized global medical degree
  • Over 7000 students are studying General Medicine and other courses
  • Top public institutions aimed to provide modern methodologies induced medical education
  • Over 1000 foreign students pursuing four health care courses meritoriously
  • Best transnational relations are maintained through various exchange programs
  • Top-notch campus with stunning location greatly enhancing the knowledge environment
  • English is the mode of teaching and communication at the campus
  • Modernized theoretical classrooms, latest apparatus induced laboratories, and other best facilities to support teaching and learning
  • Best affiliated hospitals and research institutes to get personal skill development
  • No donation or Capitation fee or any other extra fees are charged for admission
  • No entrance examination or local language tests are required for enrolment
  • World’s top facilities are provided through advanced audiovisual teaching aids, vast laboratory with hundreds of volumes of reference books, auditoriums, and sports complexes
  • Best dormitory facilities for accommodation purposes of students with low fee structure
  • Indian and other continental food facility is provided for the fullest satisfaction of students
  • Low and very affordable fee structure
  • University provides financial support to the needed and orphaned students

Fee Structure at Kokshetau State University for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Kokshetau State University

Kokshetau city

Kokshetau State University

About Kokshetau city: Kokshetau city is located in the northern region of Kazakhstan bounded by Kokshetau uplands, Lake kopa, Ishim steppe situated 234m high altitude. City founded in 1824 for military purposes and spread through for an area of 164 sq mi with a population of 1,46.104 citizens among them 58% are of Kazakhs and others are of Russian, Ukrainian and so ethnic groups.

Culture and heritage: City is rich with ancient heritage and culture dominating to the date holding prestigious monuments protected still like Burabay, Zerenda, Bukpa Hill, Stone constructions of the city and so are the best tourist attractions.

Transportation: Kokshetau International Airport is the 7th busiest of the country located just 12.5 km away from the city center to the northeast side. The airport was established in the year 1945 since the day it serves most domestic and international flights every day. Local city transport is mainly by buses, minibusses, trains from the two railway stations of the city. They link with all the country’s major cities as well to travel within the city area comfortably.

Climate: Kokshetau has cold semi-arid climatic conditions experiencing summers warm and long winters with cold climates. Winters are very cold and experience up to 3.6oC temperatures whereas summers are quite hot with 20.5oC temperatures on average. The city holds the highest temperatures during the summer months of May to July. Snowfall is a common occurrence in the month of May every year. This climate though is not ideal for the foreign nationals who adapted to tropical climatic zones need to think twice before choosing these countries for their education.

Safety: Kokshetau is the extremely safest city comparing with the other major world. The crime rates here are very low except few slight cases of robberies and thefts. The city is most safe to the tourists and students who migrated to study can live in peace for their entire stay. The city is the most visited city in the country through the public support system greatly advanced in this cosmopolitan city, and women feel safer in this country.

Communication: Communication at Kokshetau is major of two languages, Kazakhstan's official language is spoken by 30% of the population and the remaining prefer to communicate in Russian. English is the communication and teaching language at all the universities of Kazakhstan nevertheless most of the young populations of the country are able to converse in English at large. However, the older generation can only communicate in Russian and for the medical students learning the local language is advisable considering the fact that they need to have direct interaction with the patients.

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