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Kazakh Russian Medical University

Kazakh Russian Medical University the top private medical university envisioned to provide innovative, socially oriented, practice-based, internationally recognized medical education. University got global recognition for its outstanding efforts in the promotion of medical curriculum and standards of medical education. University implements a very supple model of study programs imbibing modern methodologies and innovative techniques for its graduate, post-graduate and other programs. A committed team of highly qualified like-minded people is thriving to accomplish the common goals of the university including taking the responsibility for adapting to the innovative technologies and their implementation. University is dedicated to building loyal and ethical medical practitioners developing professionally by producing great care and compassion to the health care industry. Kazakh Russian Medical University is the top institution that is most aspired by foreign medical graduates across the globe.

Official Website: https://medkrmu.kz/en/

About Kazakh Russian Medical University

Year of Establishment 1992
Acronym KRMU
Type of the University Private
Location of the University Almaty, Kazakhstan
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC, WHO
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine
The population of Indian Students 150
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September


A total of 25 Specialists, 51 Doctors, 16 Professors, 23 Associate Professors other staff members are diligently working for the development of the students and Kazakh Russian Medical University. Exclusively the medical faculty’s significant contribution to the development of Kazakh Russian Medical University is undeniable to the date where thousands of excellent Doctors are produced with their outstanding efforts and continuous dedication towards the university. Learning at Kazakh Russian Medical University is a one-time opportunity to lead life into the sophisticated path equipped with entire indispensable training and skills for the future for every medical aspirant.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Kazakh Russian Medical University is equipped with the best educational buildings, an ultra-modern 3-D simulation center, a humungous library building, a teaching chemist department, sports areas, auditoriums, cultural theatres, clinics, and preventive departments for the students patient treatment learning process. All the departments meritoriously work for the development of the students irrespective of their country, race, creed, and culture is the great notion charted at Kazakh Russian Medical University.

International Students

700 students are studying currently at Kazakh Russian Medical University and students are of foreign nationals enrolled to study from more than 20 world countries. Teaching for all these foreign students is of in English medium and all their affairs are methodically monitored by the International student's faculty department. Most of the students that are admitted to study at Kazakh Russian Medical University are from the US, India, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Turkey and so countries.

Indian Students

Year 150 students among the foreign nationals of Kazakh Russian Medical University are Indian nationals studying MBBS. Every year the number of Indian students admission to Kazakh Russian Medical University is considerably increasing year by year and for the next academic years, the number might increase tremendously. The fact that the Indian students are more fascinated with medical education, as well as the limited number of seat availability, paves the way to them to study their medicine abroad.

Indian Food And Accommodation

With the increasing number of Indian students, Kazakh Russian Medical University specifically made arrangements for the Indian food available at their university and dorms. Students can avail themselves of their three meals with subsidized prices at these places else they can self-cook on their own at the arranged dorm kitchen that is common for all. Dormitories are very lavish and thoroughly prepared with a great understanding of the needs of the students. Every student is provided with a table, chair and bed, blankets, pillows, and central heating, and a common laundry facility additional to these. Common kitchen areas, sitting and recreational places are arranged in every dorm building to get the students to live in a very contented way.

Why Kazakh Russian Medical University

  • The top medical university was established in the year 1992
  • Committed to promoting excellent medical professionals
  • 220 plus expert medical faculty joined to fulfill the combined goals
  • Expert doctors, outstanding researchers served as the faculty at Kazakh Russian Medical University
  • Best international universities collaborate to extend mutual development
  • Imbibing modern rules, innovative methodologies to the regular teaching curriculum
  • Best rules and guidelines created to benefit the students at large
  • Theoretical and practical oriented medical education
  • WHO, NMC recognized medical degree
  • Global standards of education provided the best learning aptitude
  • Paramount campus with best infrastructural facilities built-in picturesque environment
  • Expert faculty members recruited from the best universities across the world
  • No entrance examination is required for admission
  • No Donation or Capitation fee or any hidden charges are included
  • Fully furnished dormitories are provided for the comfort of the students
  • Indian food facility provided at both university and dormitory mess
  • Low and affordable fees and average living expenses with best facilities

Fee Structure at Kazakh Russian Medical University for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Kazakh Russian Medical University

Almati city

Kazakh Russian Medical University

About Almati city: Almaty formerly famed as Alma-Ata and Verny is the biggest city of Kazakhstan consisting of 11% population from the total population of the country. At present city consists of 20,00,000 people is the former capital of the country during the Soviet reign still serves as the major cultural and trade center of Kazakhstan. This multicultural city is located mountainous area spread over 682 km2 the UNESCO preserved cultural heritage city. The city dates back to Bronze Age till the date experienced many dynasties of ruling and wars including World War II. The city is famous for food production of meat, flour, cereals, milk, wines, canned fruit, tobacco, tea, yeast, and alcoholic beverages and housed many industries like textiles, carpets, footwear, electronics, and others.

Culture and heritage: Almaty city is the heart of the ancient cultural heritage of the country surviving till the date many monuments portraying the invaluable culture. The city has the most historic monuments including Ascension Cathedral Abai Kazakh State Opera and Ballet theatres, Kasteyev state museum of arts, first presidents park fountain, Zodiac fountain, Nedelka prospect, fountains in Republic square, East fountain, Almaty tower, Panfilov Park, Kok Tobe cable car, Shymbulak valley, Watchtower in middle of Big Almaty Lake and so are the best tourism spots.

Transportation: Almaty International Airport located just 15 kilometers northeast of the city center serves the international travelers connecting to major cities of the world. Syrian Bus terminal provides best services to the intercity express travels as well to china through international bus travels, also bicycle-sharing system on monthly card basis you can avail free travel greatly supports the students for low economic travels.

Climate: Almaty has humid continental climatic conditions experiencing summers very hot and winter very cold climates. Winters are very cold and experience minus degree temperatures whereas summers are quite hot with 23.8oC temperatures on average. The heat island of Almaty city holds the highest temperatures during the summer months of May to July. Snowfall is a common occurrence in the month of May every year. This climate though is not ideal for the foreign nationals who adapted to tropical climatic zones need to think twice before choosing these countries for their education.

Safety: Almaty is the extremely safest city comparing with the other major cosmopolitan cities of Europe and America. The crime rates at Almaty are very low except few slight cases of muggings and thefts. The city is most safe to the tourists and students who migrated to study can live in peace for their entire stay. The city is the most visited city in the country through the public support system greatly advanced in this cosmopolitan city, and women feel safer in this country.

Communication: Communication at Almaty is major of two languages, Kazakhstan's official language is spoken by 30% of the population and the remaining prefer to communicate in Russian. English is the communication and teaching language at all the universities of Kazakhstan nevertheless most of the young populations of the country are able to converse in English at large. However, the older generation can only communicate in Russian and for the medical students learning the local language is advisable considering the fact that they need to have direct interaction with the patients.

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