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Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College was established under the hardships of Dr. Md Abu Sayed, the current Chairman of the college in 2013. Brahmanbaria Medical College was established with the sole purpose to provide excellent medical education to all the medical aspirants training and creating outstanding medical professionals to preserve community health. College initially started with 50 students per year and enhanced to 80 students per batch, 25% among them are international students. Brahmanbaria Medical College is the first and foremost college of the district and the top medical institution among Bangladesh medical colleges. Brahmanbaria Medical College is affiliated with Chittagong University located in Ghatura, Brahmanbaria at 4 km away from the town located at a picturesque locality associated with a reputed Hospital consisting of 250 beds and hundreds of outpatients visiting every day. Brahmanbaria Medical College is one of the best choices for the students that are seeking medical education administering strict principles.

Official Website: https://bmchbd.com/

About Brahmanbaria Medical College

Year of Establishment 2013
Acronym BMC
Type of the University Private
Location of the University Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC, BMDC, WHO
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine
The population of Indian Students 70
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years including 12months of Internship
Intake at November


A total of 46 faculty members are dedicated to serving at Brahmanbaria Medical College. The great team of faculty members encompasses 9 Professors, 7 Associate professors, 4 Assistant professors, 22 Lecturers, and other academic staff members who are meticulously working to impart excellent learning skills and medical training to all its students.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Good infrastructure and all other facilities are carefully administered at Brahmanbaria Medical College to ensure a better learning experience for all its medical students. Every department including Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Forensic Science and so are given utmost priority and provided with the latest equipment to strongly enunciates the modern teaching techniques to the students. Full-fledged library and other campus amenities including an auditorium, sports arenas, cafeteria, and dormitories are methodically constructed for the benefit of the students.

International Students

The total allotted seats by DGHS—Directorate General of Health Sciences of Bangladesh to Brahmanbaria Medical College is 80 seats per year. Among which 20 seats are allotted to the international students every year. Nearly 100 foreign national students are studying in various levels of MBBS courses in Brahmanbaria Medical College. Most of them are from India, Nepal, and some from other nearby countries. BMC cares the most for all its foreign student's welfare by taking care of every single need of them with top priority including accommodation, food, and other facilities.

Indian Students

Brahmanbaria Medical College though allocated a percentage of its seats to all its foreign nationals most of them are of Indian students. Nearly 70 plus students are Indian medical students especially from the areas of West Bengal, Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura as these states are situated very near to the country and they can easily travel by train. Although a few south Indian students also join various medical colleges of Bangladesh.

Indian Food And Accommodation

Bangladesh is previously a part of India having similar cultural and food preferences is the most attractive factor to plenty of medical aspirants to join MBBS in Bangladesh. Indian food is not a problem in Bangladesh as they also have similar food preferences and eat Biryani and others as their famous cuisines. Indian food is available very certainly at any food court or canteens of Bangladesh and a must at Brahmanbaria Medical College college and dormitories. The food is also available at very reasonable prices for the benefit of its students. Fully furnished dormitories are provided separately for the Boys and Girls as per the cultural norms of the country which mostly matches India. Every foreign student can happily accommodate in the best sharing rooms available in the college without any complaints. Every need of the student will be carefully managed by the admin officers at the Hostels available 24/7.

Why Brahmanbaria Medical College

  • The top private medical college of Bangladesh is dedicated to service to society by providing efficient medical practitioners.
  • Attached is hospital availability with 250 beds capacity and plenty of outpatient flow daily.
  • Top expert faculties inducing the best medical standards, skills, and modern methods.
  • College prestigiously takes value-based educational impartation as God's given responsibility.
  • Strict rules and regulations for students' welfare and security purposes.
  • College is a complete no-smoking zone and has restrictions on any other unlawful practices.
  • No donations from any students and the total admission procedures are strictly under the control of DGHS.
  • High-quality medical education impartation is the prime priority and the basis for the foundation of Brahmanbaria Medical College.
  • Excellent faculty guiding the students throughout their entire medical course
  • Modern teaching aids and the latest technology-induced laboratories for better understanding and learning experience.
  • High-quality food and the best accommodation facilities are provided at the campus.
  • Safe and secured environment to complete the student's entire course with comfort.

Fee Structure at Brahmanbaria Medical College for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria city

Brahmanbaria Medical College

About Brahmanbaria city: Brahmanbaria is an aesthetic place full of farmlands and the best part of the Gangetic plain. District located to eastern Bangladesh in Chittagong division and of bounded by Kishoreganj, Habiganj, Narsingdi Narayanganj, Comilla, the Indian state of Tripura. Historically it was a part of the Samatata region of ancient Bengal prior to the division from India, and now is one among the speedily developing districts of Bangladesh. Agriculture, fishing, power, electricity, and natural gas are the major industries of the district but nearly 30% of the population is under the poverty line.

Culture and heritage: Brahmanbaria is the top tourist attraction place of Bangladesh enticing with geographical and ancient monuments. Kharagpur Mazar Sharif mausoleum complexes, the conquest of Sylhet, Hatirpul, Arifill Mosque, Haripur Barabara, India-Bangladesh Border Haat, Naiz Mohammad Stadium are the most visited tourist places.

Transportation: Akhaura is the largest railway junction for the district of Bramhanbaria, connecting the major districts nearby. Brahmanbaria Medical College is located off 104 kilometers distance to the International Airport of Dhaka where most of the foreign nationals have to fly and later change for domestic travels. They can take the bus, train routes to arrive at the College as per their preference and availability. Brahmanbaria Medical College though located a little remote compared with other colleges traveling is not that difficult as it needed only 2 hours journey from the International airports to Brahmanbaria Medical College.

Climate: Bamhanbaria is of tropical savanna climatic city mostly experiencing distinct monsoonal seasons. Annual rainfall occurs during May and October months and an average temperature of 19 degrees during the months of January is the winter climatic condition. Water and air pollution is the major issue to the unremitted increase of Bamhanbaria destroying the health of citizens. Students that are willing to study at the city of Bamhanbaria should consider this as a serious issue where they need to study for nearly 6 years duration at the of Bamhanbaria. Though the living and other expenses are not that high comparing with the capital cities of India and other top world countries living in Bamhanbaria is also inaudibly considered as expensive. The similar climatic conditions to India are the most fascinating factor to all the medical aspirants that are willing to join the MBBS course in Bangladesh.

Safety: Alongside the pollution issues city of Bamhanbaria is also one of the places to be very careful to live in as the crime rate of the city is a bit high. The government already issued travel advisories to all its tourists recommending a “high degree of caution” in Bamhanbaria and in Bangladesh. This is the most critical factor to consider while looking studying MBBS in Bangladesh though the country is in very close proximity to India, Indian students especially female students might think twice to get enrollments. Other than these two issues of safety and pollution where the same is common to most of the world’s capitals the educational standards and other conditions are worthwhile to consider Brahmanbaria Medical College as the right choice to complete MBBS.

Communication: The official language of communication in Bangladesh is Bengali with 98% of Bangladeshis are fluent in the communication of Bengali. Though Bengali is the first and official language in spite of being monolingual country Bangladeshis also uses few other languages including English, Tibeto-Burman, Indo-European languages. Brahmanbaria Medical College's teaching and communication language are mostly English makes it very comfortable for all its foreign students. Brahmanbaria Medical College is an apt college for those Indian students that are seeking education in countries with similar cultural practices and food preferences along with learning global standards of education.

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