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MBBS In Bangladesh

The people’s republic of Bangladesh is a South Asian country famous as the 8th most populous country of the world with over 163 million populations. Bangladesh country spread across an area of 147,570 km2 sharing the borders with India, Myanmar, the Bay of Bengal as well as narrowly separated from countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and China. Bangladesh is the most densely populated country around 1,106 people for every square kilometer.

Bangladesh separated from India in 1947 same time as India’s independence and 98% of the total population are Bengalis. And 90.4% of Islam, 8.5% is of Hindus, remaining belongs to Buddhism, Christianity, and other religions. Bangladesh locates southern to the Bengal state of India till the date southern Bengal is the core region to the Southwestern Bangladesh region.

About Bangladesh

Capital City Dhaka
Total area 147, 579 km2
Official languages Bengali
Currency Taka
Religions Islam, Hinduism, Buddism
Government Unitary dominant-party Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
President at present Abdul Hamid
Legislature Jatiya Sangsad
Total population 167,376,798
Time variation to India 30 mts ahead of India

Dhaka is the capital and the largest city of the country also the economic, political, and cultural hub. Chittagong city is also another prominent city of the country as the second-largest city as well the largest seaport city of the country. Bangladesh is separated into 8 administrative divisions and 64 districts, though facing severe adversities like the refugee crisis, corruption, climatic conditions affect, and border issues country’s economy is the 39th largest in the world’s GDP.

Indian Embassy at Bangladesh

Indian Embassy in Bangladesh is located at Plot no. 1-3, Park Road, Baridhara, Dhaka 1212, and is available for supporting the Indian population residing or visiting the country. Anyone in need can contact the Embassy during the working hours 09.00 to 17.30 hours of Sunday to Thursdays else they can call at 00880-2-55067647. One can avail more information from the official website of the Indian Embassy in Bangladesh by visiting this https://www.hcidhaka.gov.in/ site.

Medical Education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers utmost importance for Higher education and abundant Healthcare services to all the citizens irrespective of the economic conditions. The country emphasizes greatly promoting a great number of excellent medical practitioners to satisfy the needs of healthcare services in the country. To meet the requirement country started several public universities granting the best Medical education to national and international students and plenty of Private educational institutions under great governance. 15% of the allotted seats can be reserved for international students seeking MBBS in Bangladesh. Bangladesh medical colleges provide Scholarships and economic support to the needed students on the basis of merit and other criteria.

Glimpse on Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Course Name MBBS and MD
Total Duration of the Course 5 + 1 yr Internship
Intake March and September
Eligibility requirement 10+ 2 (With 50% PCB in + 2)
NEET requirement Qualification required
Any entrance requirement NO
IELTS / TOEFL requirement NO
Medium of Instruction English
Recognition of Medical Course NMC, WHO, UNESCO, WDOMS, WFME, FAIMER and so
Total course fee 2.5 lakhs — 40 lakhs per year depending on the University or College chosen
Cost of living Rs. 11 to 16 thousand / month
Hostel availability Available at affordable fee Rs. 10,000 to 16,000 per month

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Medical Universities are recognized by WHO and other international agencies across the Globe. Graduates that have qualified MBBS in Bangladesh can practice medicine in India as well in other countries after they qualified the respective examinations of the countries. Bangladesh Medical Universities provide excellent standards of education, clubbed with more practical knowledge. All most of all of the medical colleges and Universities of Bangladesh have their own Hospitals associated to gain practical knowledge and patient treatment. The close proximity to India as well the country is once a part and have cultural, food, and other similarities greatly attract the students to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh country prioritizes promoting Healthcare services in training and shaping exceptional medical practitioners. Every medical University or College of Bangladesh offers the best standards of education and other benefits like:

  • Top Medical Universities or Colleges envisioned to train outstanding medical practitioners
  • WHO and NMC recognized medical universities/colleges
  • World-wide accepted Medical Degree
  • Extraordinary European standards of Medical education
  • Very quick and easy admission process
  • No Entrance examination is needed for enrollment
  • Affordable Medical Education
  • 5 + 1 year of medical education including compulsory internship
  • Good infrastructural facilities to learn best Medical education
  • Own hospitals to gain the best practical knowledge
  • No additional English language or other language tests are needed
  • English Medium of teaching and communication at colleges
  • FMGE/NEXT free coaching is provided at plenty of medical colleges
  • Very near to India to travel
  • Exclusive accommodations for boys and girls
  • Similar cultural standards to India are accepted by most Indian parents
  • Best Indian food availability with low cost
  • The cost of living is very low and economic
  • INR is more or less equal to Bangladesh Taka greatly reducing the burden
  • Safe and secure environment

Essential Documents for Admission of MBBS in Bangladesh

Countries and Colleges might have varied admission/enrolment procedures, nonetheless, the documentation required for the same is more or less similar which may include all original documents of:

  • Birth Certificate
  • S.S.C marks memo
  • Intermediate/12th /+2 marks memo
  • Migration /Transfer /School leaving Certificate
  • NEET scorecard
  • Passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Bank statements
  • NOC from parents
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Medical Certificates

Course Duration

MBBS in Bangladesh is of 5 years followed by a one-year compulsory internship in total 6 years of course duration.

Medium of Teaching

English is the medium of instruction in all Bangladesh medical colleges, students particularly international students feel quite comfortable with the English medium of teaching and communicating language at the colleges.

NMC And WHO Recognized Universities/Colleges

Fee Structure of MBBS In Bangladesh

Note: Tuition Fees mentioned for the Universities per year are subject to changes as per the Dollar exchange rate, students should consider the same care as it is on approximate calculations on the average rate of exchange.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Indian Food and Accommodation

Accommodation is available at all Bangladesh medical colleges separately for Boys and Girls with full furnishings and other necessary requirements. The yearly fee they charge from the students is very meager approximately INR 8 to 10,000 including the food and accommodation per month.

Indian food is never a problem in Bangladesh as it also has similar food habits like Indians, every canteen and dormitories provide the best south and north Indian food to facilitate the students. Students can find Indian food restaurants at every corner of Bangladesh especially biryanis are very famous over there similar to India.


Bengali or Bangla is the most widely communicating language of Bangladesh aside from Urdu as the significant another language with a good number of Islam population in the country. Few tribal languages are also in usages such as Garo, Meitie, Kokborok, Rakhine, Santali, and others by the local tribal peoples. English is also widely in usage in Bangladesh in schools and colleges, particularly in higher educational institutions. This is a major contributing factor to the Indian medical aspirants and the close connectivity to the country Indian students particularly the West Bengal region willing to study MBBS in Bangladesh.


Taka is the currency of Bangladesh and in exchange for one INR, we can get approximately 1.14 Bangladeshi Taka which is more or less equal to the Indian rupee. This is great attributing factors that drive the MBBS students particularly from West Bengal and nearby regions to Bangladesh that they can study and live with a low budget for their Medical course.


Usual transportation channels like Air, Train, Bus, Seaports travels are common in Bangladesh. The aviation industry is the dominating sector for international travel and Indians can easily travel through trains to Bangladesh country.

Safety at Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the safe countries in the world and the crime rates are relatively low. Crime incidences on tourists or international students are very meager and are totally safe to travel and live in Bangladesh. However, students need to be aware of petty crimes like pickpocketing and thefts, and traveling during night times.


Bangladesh has a tropical climate with mild winter, hot and humid summers. October to March months experiences mild winter seasons recording low temperatures up to 3 to 4oC and March to June months are of the summer season with average temperatures up to 30oC. floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and tidal bores like natural calamities are quite common in Bangladesh occur usually every year and are also renowned to be very vulnerable to climatic changes.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Bangladesh is quite low and affordable equal to residing in India, students feel quite comfortable in the country. Colleges offer subsidized fees together for food and accommodation facilities, students can also reside out of the college dorms as per their wish. A total of around INR 11,000 to 16,000 approximately need for the cost of living per month in Bangladesh.


Is Bangladesh Good for MBBS?

Bangladesh emerged as one of the popular destinations to study MBBS abroad especially to most of the Indian medical aspirants past few years. Bangladesh Universities are recognized by WHO for their global educational standards and the close proximity to the country greatly attracts most of the medical aspirants. Further to these facts, Bangladesh separated from India and similar food and cultural habits aside to the best medical education of Bangladesh major alluring features for transnational students relatively with other destinations offering MBBS abroad.

How much it will cost to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

MBBS in Bangladesh is relatively cost lower than few countries that are offering medical education to overseas students. It also is contingent on the choice of the colleges to which the student is engrossed to admit, however nearly the course fee ranges from 2.5 to 40 lakhs per year in various Bangladesh universities.

Why MBBS in Bangladesh comparatively cheap with other countries?

Bangladesh Government emphasizes more on providing quality Higher education guaranteeing most of the graduates to continue their study irrespective of financial capability. It provides a subsidized fee structure for MBBS and all other courses in the Bangladesh Universities costing very little to the medical aspirants. Aside from the fact Bangladesh currency exchange that is similar to INR greatly reduces the cost of living and tuition fees for international and Indian students.

Is MBBS in Bangladesh valid in India?

Yes. Most of the Bangladesh Medical colleges are recognized by NMC and WHO, Students who have completed MBBS in Bangladesh are qualified to practice nonetheless in India but wherever in the world subject to getting local licenses of the country.

Is Bangladesh safe for Indian Students?

Bangladesh is one of the safe countries in the world, and the crime rate particularly on foreign nationals is very low. You need to reflect appropriately amid the universities to choose the best one located in innocuous vicinity to study.

Is NEET required to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Yes. NEET is made compulsory to study MBBS abroad by the Indian Government to apply for a medical license after completion of the course.

How to get MBBS admission in Bangladesh?

MBBS admittance in Bangladesh is the most aspiring seeing the ample benefits delivered for students with affordable fee structure attaining world-class education. Hinge on the best and experienced consultants to guide through the admission process properly like Rainbow Abroad. This helps you to reduce the high burden admission process and for trusted services in seeking better guidance in the choice of university, enrollment, and other related facilities.

What is the enrollment process to admit in Bangladesh?

To get enrollment students need to check the eligibility criteria carefully and select the best college to admit with guidance from Rainbow Abroad. The experienced counselors of RA will lead you through the entire process of admission letters to enrollment in Bangladesh universities.

What is the right time to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh?

Normally every year June is the right time to start the enrolment process for MBBS admission in Bangladesh universities. The admission process starts from seat reservation in the month of July later application submission in July month to August for completion of the admission process. Visa and Departure procedures usually finish during September month but the 2021 NEET exam delay might postpone our admission schedule a little. Check with RA experts to know the exact time and procedures to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh.

What is the total course duration to complete MBBS in Bangladesh?

MBBS in Bangladesh Universities are for 6 years including final year Internship.

What important factors needed to consider before University selection to study MBBS?

The most important factors that a student aspiring to study MBBS in Bangladesh should consider prior to selection of University are:

  • University NMC & WHO recognition
  • University local and World Ranking
  • Medium of Instruction
  • Hospitals affiliated
  • Research and Development opportunities
  • Location of the University
  • Indian Food and Accommodation facility

What will be the cost of living expenses per month for Indian students?

Bangladesh Universities offer the best accommodation facilities with subsidized costs and an amount of INR 11,000 to 16,000 is needed for living expenses per month for any Indian student.

Is Extreme cold climate of Bangladesh a problem to Indian students?

Yes, definitely during the initial months especially south Indian students might experience difficulty to adapt for the new cold and extreme hot climatic conditions particularly in colleges locations with varied climatic conditions of the country. Students need to find the local climatic conditions of the college region and try to blend with the situations to easily adapt to the environment.

Does the MBBS degree from Bangladesh valid to practice or to get a Medical license in India?

MBBS in Bangladesh Universities is valid worldwide as most of them are government colleges and WHO recognized, also listed in world’s best universities. To get a valid license from India with Bangladesh MBBS degree students need to check the NMC recognition of the college/university they intend to admit to.

When will be the college year starts for MBBS students in Bangladesh?

Universities of Bangladesh start their curriculum at the end of March or September as per their enrolment time period. However, due to COVID-19 affecting the academic year in 2021, the schedule of classes might postpone and you can get exact updates from Rainbow Abroad.

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