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Yerevan State Medical University founded in 1920 acclaimed the highest awards for its great contribution to the commun

Yerevan State Medical University

ity by providing highly qualified specialists to the healthcare support system. Yerevan State Medical University is the state-owned (government) university functioning effectively as the non-functioning body under the Ministry of Science and Education. Yerevan State Medical University is accredited by world-renowned bodies including WHO, FAIMER, ECFMG, WFMS and so crediting its Medical and other degrees valid across the world. Local and foreign nationals successfully gain the requisite skillset and expertise to practice medicine globally accordingly attracting most of the medical aspirants to complete their MBBS course at Yerevan State Medical University. In more than 40 countries students thrive to acquire knowledge, practical and research skills by admitting into Yerevan State Medical University every year. 90 years of existed university proclaimed its highest pinnacles of success through graduating 30,000 plus doctors that are expertly performing their excellent medical skills across the globe. Yerevan State Medical University is one of the most prominent universities for Indian Medical graduates to pursue their Medical courses abroad.

Official Website: http://www.ysmu.net/

About Yerevan State Medical University

Year of Establishment 1920
Acronym YSMU
Type of the University Public
Location of the University Yerevan, Armenia
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC/MCI, WHO, ECFMG, AMC, GMC, FAIMER
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH & ARMENIAN
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine, Dentistry, Military Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health
The population of Indian Students 1000
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September


Five faculty departments consisting of excellent experts in the Medical field, Specialists, Professors, and assistant professors meticulously manage all the students in a 1:8 ratio. A total of 1055 faculty members are serving through 750 clinical departments, 3 academicians, 158 Doctor of  Sciences, 461 Ph.D. holders, 435 Assistant Professors, 229 Senior lab technicians, 177  Research officers, serves the large campus of Yerevan State Medical University. More than 27 medical PG specialties are offered by the University to support the local and international medical students. Yerevan State Medical University is one of the most merited state medical universities to study medicine for any native or foreign students guiding them to new heights in learning essential and expert medical skills.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

An enormous community campus incorporating admin and academic buildings, Heratsi University Hospital located on campus, fourteen clinics of Complex N1, clinics for outpatients, laboratories for diagnosis, 462 auditoriums for various activities of students including auxiliary facilities to promote students education and prosperity.

6,50,000 text and reference books including literature volumes are available abundant at the university library. Digital library associated with general accommodating huge volumes of medical books and journals, research magazines, and other international editions for students references.

International Students

Yerevan State Medical University is a dream destination for medical students enticed by the outstanding previous performances by its Medical doctors. More than 30,000 doctors are trained at Yerevan State Medical University to date and 500 among them are currently practicing in various clinics in the USA. The MBBS degree of Yerevan State Medical University is valid by most of the global agencies including the Medical Board of California, the USA facilitating the graduated doctors to practice at American hospitals. Over 1800 international students are studying at Yerevan State Medical University at various graduate and post-graduate courses at present.

Indian Students

Over 1000 Indian students are pursuing MBBS and other courses at Yerevan State Medical University to fulfill their thriving for higher as well medical education. Yerevan State Medical University is accredited by NMC previously MCI of India for its MBBS course curriculum and validity of the course procedure. Along with Indian MCI, Yerevan State Medical University’s medical course is valid to practice all over the world in correspondence to the license obtained from the valid authorities. Yerevan State Medical University also supports its Indian students through FMGE coaching during their course to make students competent to qualify for the examination in their first attempts itself. These are the most desiring factors alongside the affordability of the MBBS fee structure, a vast number of Indian students are willing to pursue their medical education at Yerevan State Medical University.

Indian Food And Accommodation

Two gigantic buildings exclusive for boys and girls equipped with adequate amenities for the foreign students are available to stay. The dormitories are of sharing basis, encompassed with central heaters, cafeteria, recreational facilities, study hall, conference and events hall, dining and television space, and laundry facilities are provided with affordable fees.

Why Yerevan State Medical University

  • 100 years of excellence in contributing to the world health shaping thru outstanding students of future generation doctors
  • A leading government Medical University of Eastern Europe
  • World recognized universities including NMC, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, GMC, USMLER, MCC and so
  • Yerevan State Medical University is an honorary member of the International Association of Universities serving international relations under the sphere of universal development
  • A non-commercial government institution associated with the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia to strongly provide higher education to its students at most economic fees
  • Yerevan State Medical University is a part of the aegis of UNESCO to work jointly for the development of international relations, students exchange, twinning programs, and research possibilities
  • Internationally acknowledged educational structure imparting exceptional standards of education
  • In lieu of direct partnership with more than 30 universities across the globe to provide global education to all its students
  • Yerevan State Medical University hosted 5 Nobel Laureates under “Nobel Days in Yerevan” providing the unparalleled occasion to experience the inspiring allocutions and knowledge sharing
  • Yerevan State Medical University currently accommodates 1100 professors instituting 162 Doctor of sciences, 481 Ph.D. holders
  • Affordable tuition fees for all its international students
  • Separate dormitories with Indian food at a very affordable and economic price range
  • Special coaching for FMGE for Indian students to quality license exam in their very first attempt
  • Excellent facilities provided to all the foreign students at dormitories to study at luxury
  • Central heaters and other infrastructure facilities are provided free of cost and electric or water bills are FREE of cost to all
  • University also provides complimentary Breakfast to all the hostel students for FREE on all working days
  • Students can participate in international research programs after their 2nd year of the course
  • Student Residency Card will be arranged for all the students by the University after arrival
  • Best government Medical University to study Medicine abroad specifically for Indian students wishing to pursue excellent medical standards of education at affordable fees and from the best educational institutions.

Fee Structure at Yerevan State Medical University for 2021—2022

Fee Stucture of Yerevan state Medical University

Yerevan city

Yerevan State Medical University

About Yerevan city: Yerevan is the capital city of the sovereign, democratic, social, and legal state of Armenia. It is also the largest city of Armenia and the oldest unceasingly inhabited city in the world. Yerevan city is located aside from the river Hrazdan and is the capital city of Armenia since 1918. It is also the administrative, cultural, and industrial center of the country and also the royal capital of Armenia. Yerevan is 1,390 m high above sea level and is one of the 50 highest located cities with 1 million inhabitants of the world. 1,084,000 plus populated are habituated in Yerevan spread through 12,490/sq ml.

Culture and heritage: Yerevan is the primary ethnic, arty, and business hub of Armenia populated with a wide range of museums, monuments, libraries, historic places. Yerevan is associated with innumerable ancient museums including art galleries like the National Gallery of Armenia, History Museum of Armenia, Cafesjian Museum of Art, Matenadaran Library of ancient manuscripts, Armenian Genocide museum, Erebuni Museum, and many more cultural attractions yielding most tourism of the country.

Yerevan’s traditional Armenian carpet handmade manufacturing units, Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Oprah, Ballet, and folk music theatres, are the greatest ethnic attractions of Yerevan.

Transportation: Zvartnots International Airport located 12 kilometers west of the heart of the city is the major connecting point to the world. Privatized public transport is in use to facilitate all the citizens to travel across the country and major transport channels are through City Buses, Public vans, and trolleybus. 50.4% public traveled through public vans called Mrshrutka operating successfully through centuries. The Central railway system and the metro facilities are also available in providing rapid transportation across the city serving more than 60,000 people on daily basis.

Climate: Yerevan features a continental-influenced steppe climate consisting of snow cold winters, hot and dry summers. Summers are usually very hot ranging up to 40 degrees during the months of August and the winters are very freezing experiencing -15 degrees cold temperatures and snowfall during the month of January. These climatic conditions are not that difficult to adjust to the Indian students especially since the hot summers are similar to southern climates of India and the winters are to be acquainted by adjusting themselves to the climatic conditions. The central heating systems at the University and dormitories support the students to easily adopt the climate during winters and everyone should wear winter wear during their outing during the season.

Safety: Yerevan is one of the safe cities of the world and is very safe to travel tour or live and study. Yerevan’s crime rate is very low comparing with other capitals of the world countries and is a safe place to live in. Yerevan State Medical University also prioritizes all its students’ safety as most important and takes every measure to secure its students especially the female community. All the students at Yerevan State Medical University feel very safe and secure to study and live in university-provided dormitories without any fear of danger.

Communication: Armenian is the official language for communication at Yerevan though English is their second language. Lakhs of Armenians are able to speak and communicate in English and most of the Universities including Yerevan State Medical University teaching are in English medium. This is the most facilitating factor for the Indian and other foreign nationals to pursue their higher education at Yerevan State Medical University.

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