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St. Tereza Medical University was established in 1992 at Yerevan, a uniquely blessed university by Mother Teresa. It was founded with a clear notion to create high-quality medical professionals compassionate to heal society. The University's prime motto is to impart moral-ethical values to its students besides practical, psychological, and pedagogical capabilities. Since few decades of incessant thrive in progress, students at St. Tereza Medical University have achieved paramount success in practical scientific and professional skills impartation. St. Tereza Medical University is a blessing to the medical aspirants to get acquainted with hundreds of service-oriented activities participation and acquiring knowledge. St. Tereza Medical University is the top university that keenly coordinates with societal health care and helps related programs including divulging the quintessence of medical education to society.

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About St. Tereza Medical University

Year of Establishment 1992
Acronym STMU
Type of the University Private
Location of the University Yerevan, Armenia
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC/MCI, WHO, ECFMG, AMC, GMC, FAIMER
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH & ARMENIAN
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Obstetrics, Nursing, Management, and Programming
The population of Indian Students 150
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September


St. Tereza Medical University is exceptional in its teaching and academic faculty conscription cosseting quality medical educational services well with moral attitudes of the students. In general medicine, Nursing every faculty member is highly qualified, experienced, and expert in medical fields. University inculcates all the global institutional principles envisioning exceptional growth and standards for its students. Studying at St. Tereza Medical University is an incomparable opportunity to acquire theoretical, practical, and research knowledge and skills.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

The gigantic building at the heart of the Yerevan city associated with various clinics, equipped with the best infrastructural facilities, modern teaching aids, and top specialists providing quality services is crucial in comprehending St. Tereza. Specialized sports gym, encompassing powerlifting, shaping the physical body of the students to train themselves as professional athletes.

Innumerable volumes of reference and other literature books are facilitated in the vast library to benefit the students greatly. Numerous practical laboratories, classrooms, auditoriums, and other amenities are available for practical and theoretical knowledge impartation. Canteens, food courts, and dormitories for the non-locals are quartered to the preference.

International Students

Tens of countries students are enrolled at St. Tereza Medical University since its inception and the tradition still continuously forwarding. St. Tereza Medical University is the most culturally diversified institution promoting value-based ethical education to every one of its students. Each year hundreds of world countries students join to learn and acknowledge medical and other courses at St. Tereza Medical University.

Indian Students

The Indian student population is not though very high at St. Tereza Medical University the population of medical aspirants every year is booming. One can easily approach and admit to St. Tereza Medical University as an institution providing the lowest medical fee with the highest quality of medical education and most accredited MBBS degree.

Indian Food And Accommodation

Though University Canteens are not directly provided exclusive Indian food facility you can taste Indian and other continental foods at the food plazas available. Fully furnished dormitories are allocated on preference to share for all the foreign nationals inbuilt with all the recreational and other amenities. The central heating system is a must with other commonly used areas like Kitchen, TV areas, lounge and other places to have the comfy environment to live in relief.

Why St. Tereza Medical University

  • Uniquely blessed University soaring to its zeniths in implementation of effective medical and other programs
  • Aside from European standards of education also beseeches American, Italian, and Dutch institutional principles
  • Plays great attention to instilling theoretical and practical knowledge of medical education
  • A super-powerful medical institution with highly qualified expert faculty members and scholarly students
  • A multi-cultural dedicated institution to serve the social needs through serving professionals and experts of medical and other fields
  • Provides excellent basic facilities, fully equipped theoretical rooms, dormitories, library, computer labs and auditoriums, plenty of associated hospitals to enhance professional skills
  • Modern teaching aids to explore global educational standards
  • English teaching language supports greatly the non-local students particularly the Indian medical students
  • Provide students all requisite space and highly qualified theoretical, practical, methodological, and pedagogical staff
  • An exquisite place to study MBBS abroad to broaden their horizons of medical education
  • Studying MBBS at St. Tereza Medical University is most considered to the best prospect for Indian medical aspirants
  • Most economical and affordable fee structure to all the students including foreign students
  • Tereza is renowned to be the most desirable institution to pursue medical education aiming at research-based skill set development.

Fee Structure at St. Tereza Medical University for 2021—2022

Fee Stucture of St. Tereza Medical University

Yerevan city

St. Tereza Medical University

About Yerevan city: Yerevan is the capital city of the sovereign, democratic, social, and legal state of Armenia. It is also the largest city of Armenia and the oldest unceasingly inhabited city in the world. Yerevan city is located aside from the river Hrazdan and is the capital city of Armenia since 1918. It is also the administrative, cultural, and industrial center of the country and also the royal capital of Armenia. Yerevan is 1,390 m high above sea level and is one of the 50 highest located cities with 1 million inhabitants of the world. 1,084,000 plus populated are habituated in Yerevan spread through 12,490/sq ml.

Culture and heritage: Yerevan is the primary ethnic, arty, and business hub of Armenia populated with a wide range of museums, monuments, libraries, historic places. Yerevan is associated with innumerable ancient museums including art galleries like the National Gallery of Armenia, History Museum of Armenia, Cafesjian Museum of Art, Matenadaran Library of ancient manuscripts, Armenian Genocide museum, Erebuni Museum, and many more cultural attractions yielding most tourism of the country.

Yerevan’s traditional Armenian carpet handmade manufacturing units, Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Oprah, Ballet, and folk music theatres, are the greatest ethnic attractions of Yerevan.

Transportation: Zvartnots International Airport located 12 kilometers west of the heart of the city is the major connecting point to the world. Privatized public transport is in use to facilitate all the citizens to travel across the country and major transport channels are through City Buses, Public vans, and trolleybus. 50.4% public traveled through public vans called Mrshrutka operating successfully through centuries. The Central railway system and the metro facilities are also available in providing rapid transportation across the city serving more than 60,000 people on daily basis.

Climate: Yerevan features a continental-influenced steppe climate consisting of snow cold winters, hot and dry summers. Summers are usually very hot ranging up to 40 degrees during the months of August and the winters are very freezing experiencing -15 degrees cold temperatures and snowfall during the month of January. These climatic conditions are not that difficult to adjust to the Indian students especially since the hot summers are similar to southern climates of India and the winters are to be acquainted by adjusting themselves to the climatic conditions. The central heating systems at the University and dormitories support the students to easily adopt the climate during winters and everyone should wear winter wear during their outing during the season.

Safety: Yerevan is one of the safe cities of the world and is very safe to travel tour or live and study. Yerevan's crime rate is very low comparing with other capitals of the world countries and is a safe place to live in. St. Tereza Medical University also prioritizes all its students’ safety as most important and takes every measure to secure its students especially the female community. All the students at St. Tereza Medical University feel very safe and secure to study and live in university-provided dormitories without any fear of danger.

Communication: Armenian is the official language for communication at Yerevan though English is their second language. Lakhs of Armenians are able to speak and communicate in English and most of the Universities including St. Tereza Medical University teaching are in English medium. This is the most facilitating factor for the Indian and other foreign nationals to pursue their higher education at St. Tereza Medical University.

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