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Kazan State Medical University
Kazan State Medical University, one of the most revered Medical Universities of Russia functioning on a multi-leveled, multi-functional higher medical educational institution, dedicated to delivering high standard education, scientific and clinical activities promising the best domestic and foreign model medical education to all its students. KSMU aims to the implementation of innovative technologies, an effective model of social partnership, promoting the finest regional health care system, research on scientific and clinical activities envisioning increasing the longevity of the society. ARES—2014 Ratings: KSMU prominent as the most venerated University among top Russian Universities providing MBBS education in the English medium of teaching. Every year hundreds of Indian medical aspirants join the University to experience international standard medical education. Among the top 2000 Universities of the world, Kazan State Medical University conquered the 3rd Top Best Medical University Rating from ARES—2014 in Russia showcasing its immense experience and centering the development of new and innovative medical, pharmaceutical and social technologies. Kazan State Medical University is an international University with 200 years of medical training expertise, accommodating more than 5500 medical students, residents, and interns to date facilitating with 9 faculties, 65 departments, and more than 1500 experienced staff augmenting best clinical training knowledge to students. Plenty of students from more than 60+ countries study here especially 50% of the study in English medium of learning. Kazan State Medical University prioritizes greatly the care, safety, and support for all its foreign students, especially for Indian Medical Aspirants.

Official Website: www.kazangmu.ru

About Kazan State Medical University

Year of Establishment 1804
Acronym KSMU
Type of the University Public
Location of the University Ulitsa Butlerova, 49, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 420012
Recognitions / Accreditations MCI, WHO, WDMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, AMC, GMC
Medium of Teaching English
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+2 with PCB of 50%, NEET qualification
The population of Indian Students 700
Indian Food facility Indian restaurant available with south and north cuisines
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September / October


Emperor Alexander I established this University through a royal command on 5th November 1804, Department of Doctoral or Medical Sciences of Kazan State Medical University was established on 14th May 1814, The complex of University clinics started functioning in 1900, Establishment of Faculty of Prophylactic Medicine in 1930, The Pediatric Faculty created in 1932, Establishment of Dental Faculty on 1954, Faculty of social work established on 1991, Faculty of Management and Higher Nursing Education started functioning from 1994, 200th Jubilee function organized on 14th May 2014 and hundreds of faculty members serving at their best to provide global standards of education to all its students.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Kazan State Medical University offers great innovative and technical exposure to all its students especially prioritizing the welfare of its foreign students. The student lives at Kazan State Medical University balance both knowledge and fun providing great importance to sports and other extra-curricular activities concurrently with learning. Kazan State Medical University includes a Year-Round Recreation Program comprising football, tennis, basketball, summer swimming, winter skiing, and skating.

Indian Food And Accommodation

A wide variety of cuisines are available at University canteens including all continental cuisines considering the preferences of foreign nationals with affordable prices. They can have healthy nutritious food with very low prices for their three-time meals for an entire month. Accommodation of students is arranged very near to the University. The 6 hostels are situated in close proximity to the university and students can share 2 to 3 persons per room based on the size of the room. All the rooms are fully furnished with central heater systems, uninterrupted internet access, telephone and television facilities. Bathrooms and kitchens are available on a common sharing basis and students can cook their own meals as per their needs and preference. For Indian students, authentic tasty south and north Indian food are made available in the University Canteen. Students can get their three meals at a very affordable cost a month for an amount of $100 altogether which is very affordable and cost-effective to the students.

Why Kazan State Medical University

  • Is the only recognized University by the Ministry of Healthcare & Ministry of Education and Russian Federation in Kazan
  • It is the third (3rd) oldest Medical University in Russia
  • It is a Government-funded Medical University providing a subsidized fee structure
  • WHO, WDMS, ECFMG, AMC, GMC, and MCI, etc recognized University
  • Kazan State Medical University is an International University
  • More number of International students trusted University
  • Top University in Russia awarded to be the BEST from global agencies
  • High rate Medical Education with extraordinary grade teaching faculty
  • English teaching is easy to adapt equipped with world-class infrastructure
  • World recognized University and MBBS degree
  • Oldest University of Russia reaching the pinnacles of medical education, research, and development

Fee Structure at Kazan State Medical University for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Kazan State Medical University

Kazan City

Kazan State Medical University

About the City of Kazan: Kazan the largest and Capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia with a population of 1,143,535, the 8th most populous city in Russia, located where East meets West. Kazan was founded in 1005, and has shown considerate science, technology, and cultural advancement over these years and have accomplished the feat of rewarding as the Best city of Russia. It is the 3rd Capital for Russia since 2009, privileged significantly by the historical and cultural heritage city of Russia. Kazan Kremlin is a UNESCO world heritage site, the mysterious cathedral of the 16th century, and other heritage monuments including the Soyembika tower, etc are places to be visited in one’s life.

History and Culture: Kazan developed to be a momentous educational and cultural center of Russia with 44 Higher education Institutes, 25 special training colleges, more than 240 schools including fine arts, choreography, music, and other arts. Kazan State Medical University was founded in 1804 by an expert and efficient team of professionals including a world-famous scientist reminiscing the value of Medical and Higher education to society.

Transportation: Kazan is internally connected with a wide range of the latest technological transport systems including buses, railways, ports, and international airports. A daily large number of its people are commuting with the public transport system connected consisting of buses, trams, metro, and trolleybuses.

Climate: Kazan climate is of humid continental climate consisting of winters with long cold periods and summers with warm and hot periods. July is the warmest month and January is the coldest month reaching minus temperatures.

Safety: Kazan is the largest Capital city in the world and is very beautiful and safe for all the tourists or foreign students willing to study in Kazan Universities. This is one of the safest cities in Russia with peace, beauty, and sustainable operational growth. Every year hundreds of students and tourists visit Irkutsk to experience the beauty of the city and enrich their knowledge.

Communication: Locals are very friendly and usually communicate in Russian but plenty of them can speak English makes it easy for international students to settle in the city throughout their education.

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