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How valid is MBBS abroad?

Most of the Students that are unable to attain a medical seat in India, aspire to study MBBS abroad and the MBBS degree is 100% valid subject to the constraint that the Medical University / College recognized by WHO and NMC of India. Unless the college is blacklisted by WHO & NMC the medical degree obtained from abroad medical colleges are valid in India and across the world.

What are the best countries to study MBBS abroad?

Every year around 15,000 medical aspirants migrate to study MBBS abroad and among them nearly 70% of medical aspirants join Philippines Medical Colleges. Remaining students join various countries like China (after corona pandemic issue students are unwilling to join China medical colleges) Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Bangladesh countries the most. For individual countries benefits you can visit the country pages of this site to get clear information of the same.

What is the Medical Degree offered in abroad MBBS offering countries?

The curriculum offered by WHO recognized universities is similar across the world, nonetheless few countries offer MBBS (like India) and few offer MD (like US, Philippines and so) program. Both degrees are valid all over the globe.

Is the Degree valid in India and other countries of the world to practice Medicine?

Yes, the Medical Degree obtained from WHO recognized universities abroad is absolutely valid in India as well in all the world countries.

Is there any entrance examinations required to enroll into MBBS abroad?

No and Yes. Few countries like Philippines Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Bangladesh admissions you don’t need any additional entrance examination for enrolments. But for few countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and so require entrance as well language test to qualify for enrolment into the MBBS course.

Is NEET rank required to admit into MBBS course abroad?

Yes, to get a valid license in India after the course completion all the Indian medical students studying abroad should have NEET qualification with minimum marks at the time of their enrollment.

What is the variation to Indian Medical Education and Abroad Medical Education?

Same curriculum and validity to Indian Medical Education and WHO recognized abroad Medical Education. Only the pattern of education like the examination pattern such in India it is subjective mode but in most of the countries abroad it is in objective and case study analysis mode as well in few countries follow both patterns. The passing grades will be varied from country to country as well to colleges also.

What are the eligibility criteria to study MBBS abroad?

The eligibility criteria for overseas MBBS course are:
1. Student must complete 17 years of age or above before the end of the admission year
2. 50% PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) marks is a must in their 12th standard (10+2 format) studying from any regular board examinations
3. Students must study in English medium / English as a compulsory subject
4. NEET qualification is a must to apply for license in India after course completion

What is the total course duration of MBBS abroad?

MBBS abroad course duration depends on the country and college that have chosen. Few colleges in Philippines offer 5 year valid MBBS course including Internship like Southwestern University and other colleges are of 5.5yrs and 6 years duration. Remaining countries of abroad all offers 6 years of MBBS course duration including 1 year internship.

Do the countries abroad allow us to do internship?

Yes, internship is part and parcel of the course for most of the countries abroad.

Is there any syllabus variation from Indian MBBS to Abroad MBBS?

No. All world countries follow WHO recognized curriculum which is similar in entire world.

What is the medium of teaching in abroad Medical Universities?

English is the medium of learning in most of the Medical Universities that are offering international medical education. However few offer medical education in their local languages or few years in English and other few years in other languages like China, Russia and so students should diligently verify prior to their enrolment.

Do I need to qualify any local language tests? In case yes what are they?

For countries like Philippines, Georgia, Bangladesh, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, doesn’t require to pass or qualify any local language examinations. But for few countries like China, Russia qualifying in local language examination during their course duration is mandatory aside to the regular MBBS curriculum.

Do the internship of abroad MBBS education valid in India?

Yes, MCI / NMC approved the internship completed in abroad medical colleges, for more informational evidence check the Gazette notification attached here.

What is the range of tuition fee to study medicine abroad?

Depending on the country and college of choice it ranges from INR 1.5 to 40 lakhs per year

What is the approximate cost of living to study medicine overseas?

Cost of living depends on the country and the accommodation facilities provided by the colleges. Usually around INR 8,000 to 16,000 per month is sufficient to live in most of the countries; however the same depends on the students spending nature.

Do I need to write any examinations to get license to practice medicine in India?

Yes, FMGE up to 2023 and as per NMC notification later will be NEXT—National Exit Exam which is common for all Indian as well Foreign medical graduates to get a valid Medical license to practice medicine in India.

Can I practice medicine at other countries of the world after my MBBS abroad?

Yes, subject to getting the specific countries license examinations all the students that have obtained Medical degrees from WHO recognized medical colleges are allowed to practice medicine across the world countries

What are the necessary documents required to study MBBS abroad?

Countries and Colleges might have varied admission/enrolment procedures, nonetheless the documentation required for the same is more or less similar which may include all original documents of:
1. Birth Certificate
2. S.S.C marks memo
3. Intermediate/12th /+2 marks memo
4. Migration /Transfer /School leaving Certificate
5. NEET score card
6. Pass port
7. Passport size photos
8. Bank statements
9. NOC from parents
10. Letter of Recommendation
11. Statement of purpose
12. Medical Certificates

How do I get admission into best medical colleges abroad?

Rainbow Abroad expert team guides you meticulously on the process of admission into best medical colleges abroad. Contact them at the given numbers.

Why Rainbow Abroad?

During the time of various fake consultancies cheating the students Rainbow Abroad the prominent educational consultancy affiliated to World’s top Universities strongly devoted to attribute implausible educational opportunities to study abroad. Rainbow plays a strong forefront role in supporting every student seeking education abroad to accomplish the greatest future. Entire services and guidance till the student complete their course is greatest advantage to the students. Students meticulously scrutinize all the consultancies and trust the best among them like Rainbow Abroad.

Why nearly 70% of Indian students study MBBS in Philippines Medical Colleges?

Philippines country and colleges provide best facilities and benefits to students like:
1. Asia’s top medical colleges
2. English speaking country
3. 5 years of MBBS course including internship
4. Global standards of medical education in US
5. Best infrastructure and other facilities
6. Low and affordable fee structure
7. Low cost of living
8. No need to pass or learn local languages

What would be the total budget to study MBBS abroad?

It completely depends on the country and college of choice, look for individual countries and colleges for more information.

What are the benefits I can get to study MBBS abroad?

US or European standards of medical education, easy to quality USMLE, PLAB, AMC, NZREX and other PG entrance examinations. Affordable fee structure with globally valid medical degree without any hassle of entrance examinations.

Can I get any scholarships to study Medicine abroad?

Comparative with free seats in India little bit expensive, other than this factor for the new entrants there will not be any disadvantage in studying abroad.

Can I get Educational loans to study MBBS abroad?

Yes, Educational loans are provided to all the needed students studying abroad by the nationalized banks guidelines.

Am I eligible to appear for PG entrance examinations in India and other countries?

Yes, eligible to appear for most of the prominent PG entrance & licensure examinations of the world.

Can I get any coaching for the same in Medical Universities abroad?

Yes, few universities abroad provide USMLE, PLAB, FMGE and other entrance examinations coaching for free. For more information in this regard consult Rainbow abroad experts.

How Rainbow Abroad support us?

Rainbow Abroad guides you completely starting from Counseling, guiding you to select the right University/college, enrolment process, passport and visa process, accommodation arrangements, travel guidance, forex support, medical insurance, travel companion and till you reach the university, settle in your designated accommodation in every respect, they will be with you.

Can I do any part-time jobs during my study of MBBS in overseas?

No. undergraduate students are not allowed to do any part-time jobs in overseas.