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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University also known as Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is one of the prestigious public universities ranked 18th among all top universities of Central Asia. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University established in 1934 under the special Decree of the Kazakh Regional Committee is the oldest classical university of the country named after the great scholar al-Farabi. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University was established to form high standards in education ensuring augmentation of knowledge and skills and sustainable development of the society. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is committed to establishing strong momentum in the world’s top higher educational institutions by transforming this classical national university into the World’s best Research Institute. It aims to instill exceptional quality of education, innovative research methods, and extension of international collaborations. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University pioneered as the global institution among the county with 20,000 plus students currently pursuing various courses of UG, PG, and Doctoral programs. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University can be considered as the top choice for any student aspiring medical education as the university commitment towards the improvement of education and by so the development of the community, affiliated research institutions, and hospitals that could train one to their BEST.

Official Website: https://www.kaznu.kz/en/

About Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Year of Establishment 1933
Acronym KAZGU
Type of the University Public
Location of the University Almaty, Kazakhstan
Recognitions / Accreditations NMC, WHO, ECFMG, AMC, GMC, FAIMER
Medium of Teaching ENGLISH
Eligibility to enroll in MBBS 10+ 2 WITH PCB 50% IN 12TH / +2
Faculty General Medicine, Stomatology
The population of Indian Students 50
Indian Food facility Available in University canteen/restaurants
Total course duration 6 years
Intake at September


2500 faculty members are working now at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University among them 400 Doctor professors, 800 professors of science, and another associate/assistant professor assiduously occupied in enhancing the clinical knowledge of the students. The faculty of Al-Farabi offers highly sought out educational programs, elite trajectories, the best international scientific, educational, clinical training, and practices aimed to inculcate the best quality training for the doctors and health care professionals of the future. Every faculty member is a graduate of the prestigious universities of the world joined to promote the best quality education and skills to the students particularly to its future health care professionals of the society.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University established its campus at an area of 100 hectares of land near to Yessentai river in the most picturesque and beautiful area of Almaty city. The 15 stories campus building hosts all departments consisting of 13 educational buildings, 98 departments, 43 scientific research laboratories, 9 scientific research groups, and other important necessary areas for students’ recreation. University has its own clinical facilities, a clinical diagnostic center, No. 1 city Hospital, and many other affiliated hospitals and more than 10 research institutes to provide the best learning environment and expertise.

International Students

410 international medical students are currently studying at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University enrolled from various of the world including India, USA, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Plenty of foreign students believe that Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is the ideal platform to study their medical courses that can guarantee world-class medical education with an affordable fee structure and great clinical and research experience.

Indian Students

Over 50 students are currently pursuing medicine at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University learning the most advanced, research-based learning. Al-Farabi’s huge educational and scientific infrastructure and the utmost dedicated faculty, European standards of medical education, constant integrated approach of traditional and innovative research methodologies leading the world of modern medicine. These fascinating factors are gradually attracting more students consistently increasing year by year.

Indian Food And Accommodation

16 dormitories are present at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University fully furnished 2 sharing rooms accurately prepared to the utmost satisfaction of the students predominantly to the foreign nationals to give them the great feel of their being at their homes. Centrally conditioned systems, common areas, food court, game zones for recreation including free wifi, laundry, and other facilities arranged for comfortable living. Indian foods prepared by Indian chefs are also available for the taste preferences of the students residing at the dorms and at the college mess.

Why Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

  • Top Medical University with decades of expertise in spreading great standards of higher education
  • Established in the year 1933 solely for the purpose of formation of potential personals too the society’s greater good
  • 18th ranked the top university among hundreds of Universities of Central Asia
  • 100 hectares of campus situated in the most beautiful environment to yield a great learning atmosphere
  • 15 administrative and 13 educational buildings and 9 research groups and 98 departments working spectacularly for the development of the students
  • 10 plus research organizations affiliated and owned to provide the best research-based clinical knowledge and exposure
  • Tens of affiliated hospitals including their own hospitals providing hands-on experience to the students
  • Committed to transforming traditional classical university to modern university
  • Integration of modern and ancient medical values and knowledge for the improvement of students skills
  • Globally recognized medical degree accredited by WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE, PLAB, WDOMS, AMC and so
  • NMC recognized medical degree validating to practice medicine at India after graduation
  • 2500 outstanding faculty members joined from various prestigious universities of the world
  • Excellent quality of education, combined with innovative research-oriented learning
  • No Donation/Capitation Fee/ Entrance examinations are required to enroll
  • Easy admission and enrollment process
  • Great guidance was provided starting from enrollment to visa procedures
  • 16 dormitories dedicated to its foreign and non-local students with low fees
  • Financial aid to the most deserving students
  • Low and very affordable fee structure
  • Top class educational environment to have safe and enthusiastic learning

Fee Structure at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University for 2021—2022

Fee Structure of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Almaty city

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

About Almati city: Almaty formerly famed as Alma-Ata and Verny is the biggest city of Kazakhstan consisting of 11% population from the total population of the country. At present city consists of 20,00,000 people is the former capital of the country during the Soviet reign still serves as the major cultural and trade center of Kazakhstan. This multicultural city is located mountainous area spread over 682 km2 the UNESCO preserved cultural heritage city. The city dates back to Bronze Age till the date experienced many dynasties of ruling and wars including World War II. The city is famous for food production of meat, flour, cereals, milk, wines, canned fruit, tobacco, tea, yeast, and alcoholic beverages and housed many industries like textiles, carpets, footwear, electronics, and others.

Culture and heritage: Almaty city is the heart of the ancient cultural heritage of the country surviving till the date many monuments portraying the invaluable culture. The city has the most historic monuments including Ascension Cathedral Abai Kazakh State Opera and Ballet theatres, Kasteyev state museum of arts, first presidents park fountain, Zodiac fountain, Nedelka prospect, fountains in Republic square, East fountain, Almaty tower, Panfilov Park, Kok Tobe cable car, Shymbulak valley, Watchtower in middle of Big Almaty Lake and so are the best tourism spots.

Transportation: Almaty International Airport located just 15 kilometers northeast of the city center serves the international travelers connecting to major cities of the world. Syrian Bus terminal provides best services to the intercity express travels as well to china through international bus travels, also bicycle-sharing system on monthly card basis you can avail free travel greatly supports the students for low economic travels.

Climate: Almaty has humid continental climatic conditions experiencing summers very hot and winter very cold climates. Winters are very cold and experience minus degree temperatures whereas summers are quite hot with 23.8oC temperatures on average. The heat island of Almaty city holds the highest temperatures during the summer months of May to July. Snowfall is a common occurrence in the month of May every year. This climate though is not ideal for the foreign nationals who adapted to tropical climatic zones need to think twice before choosing these countries for their education.

Safety: Almaty is the extremely safest city comparing with the other major cosmopolitan cities of Europe and America. The crime rates at Almaty are very low except few slight cases of muggings and thefts. The city is most safe to the tourists and students who migrated to study can live in peace for their entire stay. The city is the most visited city in the country through the public support system greatly advanced in this cosmopolitan city, and women feel safer in this country.

Communication: Communication at Almaty is major of two languages, Kazakhstan’s official language is spoken by 30% of the population and the remaining prefer to communicate in Russian. English is the communication and teaching language at all the universities of Kazakhstan nevertheless most of the young populations of the country are able to converse in English at large. However, the older generation can only communicate in Russian and for the medical students learning the local language is advisable considering the fact that they need to have direct interaction with the patients.

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